SME Guide

Our practical guide to eco-innovation addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) is now updated. The booklet overviews emerging business opportunities eco-innovation and circular economy have to offer to companies that reconsider business models, develop new products, technologies or services, or improve production processes. The guide summarises key business issues, questions and lessons learnt for SMEs as well as presents selected eco-innovation good practices.

This guide is divided into six sections. The opening chapter introduces the concepts of eco-innovation and circular economy. The focus then shifts to the key issues, challenges and opportunities of eco-innovation for SMEs. The guide includes sections on:

  • business model and value proposition
  • process eco-innovation
  • product eco-innovation
  • getting eco-innovations on the market
  • online resources for eco-innovation.

This guide is addressed above all to companies that have not yet embarked on any eco-innovation activity, but are interested in exploring the potential offered by eco-innovation for their business or new business idea. The publication will be equally useful for business support organisations providing—or planning to provide—eco-innovation support and coaching services to SMEs.

The Eco-Innovation Observatory has partnered with the Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD) to develop this publication.

  • Download the 1st edition of the Guide Here
  • Download the 2nd edition of the Guide Here
  • Download the Guide in French Here
  • Download the Guide in Traditional Chinese Here
  • Download the Guide in Simplified Chinese Here