HUUSK Japan Knives Review & lowest price for UK & Ireland (not banned)

The Huusk kitchen knife is a versatile knife from Japan. The blade is made of high-quality stainless steel and guarantees a long life. The steel is stainless. In addition, the quality knife has a very handy, slightly curved oak handle. It is hardwood in a dark brown shade.

HUUSK Knife Review – UK & Ireland

  • Made according to traditional Japanese forging
  • Universal knife for all tasks in the kitchen
  • The Huusk fits very well in the hand – Very good control when cutting food
  • Very good quality.  Use of first-class materials
  • Crafted by hand, with strict quality control
  • Very positive reviews in cooking forums and from chefs on Instagram and Youtube
  • Now available at a 70% discount


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.9 out of 5 stars – EXCELLENT)

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Huusk Premium Control kitchen knife review and experience (UK and Ireland)

The premium material feels comfortable in the hand, grips securely and offers a perfect grip. The knife has a black hammered blade with a silver cutting surface. The blade of the knife ends in a point. The Huusk brand makes its knives using techniques inspired by centuries-old Japanese blacksmithing.


The manufacturing process comprises 138 steps and includes carefully executed manufacturing steps as well as extensive material and product testing. The Huusk brand stands for high-quality goods and relies on time-honoured techniques combined with the latest manufacturing approaches. The knife symbolises passion for the art of cooking and was designed for this purpose. The product aims to revolutionise the market as a specialised kitchen knife with an exceptional blade.


Weight and dimensions

The knife weighs about 252 grams and has a length of about 28 centimetres. The blade length is 15.5 centimetres and has a maximum thickness of 5 millimetres at the back of the blade. The handle thickness is 27 millimetres and the handle is riveted from high-quality oak wood. The handle of the Huusk knife is conically shaped and fits perfectly in the hand. The hardness of the blade is 58 to 60 HRC (Rockwell hardness).

Sharpness and material

An average kitchen knife has a value of 53 to 57 HRC. From the value of 60 HRC, it is a higher category of blade steel. The blade thus promises a particularly hard edge and long cutting durability.

Huusk knife sharpening

A knife of this Rockwell hardness can be sharpened with a grindstone with diamond grit. Due to the beneficial properties of the knife, it rarely needs to be sharpened and honed. The blade material is made of heavily ground 5Cr15 steel, which is ideal for kitchen knife making.

Santoku blade

The shape of the blade in all-purpose kitchen knives in Japan is called a santoku, knife of the three virtues. The three virtues are the food categories of meat, fish and vegetables. The special discipline of this type of kitchen knife is the rapid cutting of the finest strips. The steel of the blade is folded several times to create a special hardness, robustness and resistance to breakage. The material of santoku knives is usually Damascus steel, which is known for its flexibility and edge retention.

Huusk Japan kitchen knife test

The kitchen knife is absolutely unique in many ways. It is characterised by its unique balance and control. The blade has a precision-cut hole at the junction with the handle, which is created by a laser. This is intended for the index finger and enables particularly good control. Furthermore, the blade is particularly sharp and therefore versatile in kitchens.

Conventional kitchen knives are sometimes sharp, but more susceptible to rust or chipping and more easily breakable. The Huusk brand has managed to combine sharpness and robustness in one knife. An original Santoku should combine these values, including comfort, and provide optimal cutting results when used in the kitchen. A pronounced curve shape of the blade and the handle made of oak wood including a suspension loop for the knife are particularly striking.

The handle is open-pore oiled, which gives the oak a handsome hue. The back of the blade and the bolster are comparatively wide and well finished. The fingers have an optimal contact surface and the knife fits perfectly in the hand. Furthermore, the knife has a beautiful appearance and makes a robust as well as flawless impression. The product is known for its quality and is available in Germany at an affordable price, especially when the knife is bought in a set.

What can it be used for?

  • The kitchen knife is basically for use in the kitchen and is considered a representative of the traditional santoku. It is mainly popular with amateur chefs and fans of Japanese cuisine. The blade chops food of any kind reliably and without difficulty.
  • The knife’s heavy and sharp blade makes it perfect for chopping herbs. Onions can also be chopped quickly and effectively. Whether you want to chop tomatoes, peppers or carrots, the knife is able to cut wafer-thin strips thanks to its sharpness.
  • The Huusk knife is an absolute all-rounder among the different types of knives. It can be used in the kitchen, in the garden or even in the great outdoors for cutting fruit or vegetables. Fish and meat products can be cut with the knife without any problems.
  • It can also be used as a steak knife and makes a good impression directly at the table. For steak lovers, the product is a helpful and practical tool in the kitchen. Due to the blade thickness and its stability, the Huusk knife is optimally suited for boning.
  • In the outdoor sector, the knife can be used flexibly in nature or in the forest. Especially when camping, it is a valuable and popular tool. The robustness of the blade makes the knife practical for outdoor use and versatile. Its striking appearance is a frequent topic of conversation among friends when it is taken out.

Huusk testimonials and reviews from customers in the forum

  • Customers report positive experiences with the product. The Huusk knife UK is very sharp to begin with and can be easily resharpened if necessary. The quality and workmanship are impeccable. The rustic knife is convincing in terms of its price-performance ratio. The prices for the product in sets of 2, 3 or 4 are tempting and excellent for the quality offered. The look is convincing with an original and typical appearance of a hand-forged Japanese kitchen knife.
  • Further, the ergonomics of the handle are widely praised, as is how well balanced the knife is. The handle is very smooth and feels comfortable in the hand. One tip for keeping the wooden handle looking good is to regularly rub it with suitable oil. Furthermore, despite its robustness, the knife should be treated with care to keep it sharp.
  • The weight of the Huusk knife Ireland feels good in the hand and contributes to easy handling as well as excellent control when cutting. The sharp edge of the Huusk product masters all tasks in the kitchen and stays sharp for a long time. For many customers, it is the knife of choice for all kitchen cuts.
  • In addition to the high quality, consumers are completely convinced by the overall package of the product. The classic Japanese kitchen knife look makes the product unique. The Huusk knife is durable and impressively crafted.
  • The product is reliable and versatile in the kitchen. It is perfect for chopping vegetables and herbs. The knife is also a perfect gift for friends on special occasions. Especially for anglers, hunters or hobby cooks, it makes an ideal gift or souvenir. The shipping of the knife from Huusk is fast and reliable. Overall, the kitchen knife is recommended by very many customers.

Huusk Knife banned

Huusk Knife banned for being too sharp?

The Huusk Knife is not banned. It is still available for purchase in the UK and Ireland.

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