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Everyone knows the pain that occurs after sitting for a long time, even in people who are healthy in themselves: Back pain, hip pain as well as tension headaches due to the increasingly poor posture over the course of the hours; cramps in the legs are also typical complaints – at some point you no longer know how to sit and continue working.

Of course, the same is true for long plane journeys or car journeys, where the freedom of movement is considerably restricted; standing up in between brings only brief relief, so that after sitting for a long time you are actually just tired. Waiting in a car in a traffic jam can also lead to unpleasant pain in the back and lower back, so that even the drive to the office or the journey home from a relaxing holiday becomes torture.

Taking painkillers is not a good solution in the long run. Physiotherapy and massages are certainly helpful in this case, but they are time-consuming and can be very expensive. All the above-mentioned methods also have the disadvantage that they only help after the fact – the best thing would be to prevent the pain in the first place! The new ergonomically shaped Klaudena seat cushion offers effective help here – with its help, both pain and postural damage can be prevented in the best possible way.

Klaudena seat cushion Review and rating

  • Produced in Europe
  • A reputable product (not a fake shop or a scam)
  • Reduces pressure and thus effectively reduces pain when sitting
  • Made from pure Memory Foam (high quality memory foam)
  • Lets air circulate, the pillow stays breathable and cool
  • Ergonomic design that keeps the spine upright
  • Very light weight – easy to transport
  • With anti-slip nubs, the cushion stays in place
  • Very positive reviews and testimonials from customers in the forum (see below)
  • Express shipping in the UK and Ireland
  • Available for a short time with a high discount directly from the manufacturer

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.9 out of 5 stars – EXCELLENT)

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Klaudena Seat Cushion

What is Klaudena? How does it work?

Klaudena is an ergonomically shaped seat cushion made of premium memory foam.

Due to this special material inside the cushion, the Klaudena seat cushion optimally adapts to the individual body shape of the user. This individuality makes the adaptation of the seat much more personal than that of the ergonomically built desk chairs offered in specialist shops. This is possible because the foam inside the seat cushion deforms and thus the pressure of the body weight on the cushion is evenly distributed.

This special option is not available in office chairs or other ergonomically shaped seating and the feeling when sitting is therefore inevitably completely different. The memory foam, which is individually compressed by the body weight, largely removes the pressure from otherwise particularly stressed parts of the body when sitting.

Circulatory problems and cramps in the legs are thus prevented. You sit comfortably and at the same time prevent pain that usually occurs after sitting for too long because the spine is relieved by the upright posture when using the specifically adapted seat.

Who is the Klaudena Seat Cushion suitable for?

The Klaudena Seat Cushion is suitable for anyone who regularly spends (has to spend) a lot of time sitting – be it in the office, while studying, in the car, in the truck or even during predominantly sedentary leisure activities such as sewing, crafting or streaming movies. Musicians usually already have an upright posture – especially those who have discovered a wind instrument for themselves, as a good air supply and effective breathing is simply necessary here. Nevertheless, they can also benefit from the Klaudena seat cushion; especially those who are no longer so good on their feet and would rather sit than stand when practising. It goes without saying that a good seat is essential for seated musicians such as cello players, drummers, guitarists or pianists, especially since professional musicians in particular have to practise for hours every day.

However, not only adults with screen work in the office or home office benefit from comfortable seating, but also pupils and students who spend a lot of time sitting at school or university. At the same time, children and young people learn that good posture is also important when sitting because it is automatically challenged and encouraged by the seat cushion. Incorrect postures, which can become apparent with a curved back not only when sitting but also when standing, are thus corrected in young people before they can even develop.

With regular use of the seat cushion, one also sits and stands straight otherwise due to the habituation effect – the upright posture leads to strengthening of the abdominal and back muscles. This prevents the typical back pain that usually results from poor posture when sitting. By the way, the Klaudena seat cushion is particularly beneficial for overweight people, whose joints already have to bear a heavy load due to the increased weight and are usually already somewhat damaged by the heavy strain.

The Klaudena seat cushion is also well-suited for older people who, for example, suffer from severe pain due to osteoporosis. An ergonomically shaped seat that is neither too hard nor too soft is very beneficial for such illness-related complaints in the musculoskeletal system. Likewise, the seat cushion provides pleasant relaxation when sitting in the case of muscle pain. Especially bedridden people who are already at risk of bedsores will appreciate the memory foam in the seat cushion that adapts to the shape of the body. A non-slip seat that adapts to the shape of the body is equally important for paraplegics who are confined to their wheelchairs and whose muscles already suffer with tension and relaxation due to the lack of movement.

Another group of people who could possibly benefit from the Klaudena seat cushion are people with mild haemorrhoidal conditions, although in individual cases it is advisable to consult the doctor treating them. A specially adapted seat is also certainly advantageous for patients with herniated discs, as they usually find it difficult to sit for long periods of time. The orthopaedic Klaudena seat cushion can also be used to sustain prolonged sitting, for example in the theatre, where it is not possible to get up from time to time. As it is easy to transport due to its light weight and handy size, it also poses no problem when visiting the theatre.

Klaudena Seat Cushion Test Experience Rating

What advantages does it offer?

The Klaudena UK seat cushion, with its quality material, ensures a comfortable feeling and good posture when sitting. This reduces the likelihood of going home with back, neck and muscle pain and tension after a long day at the office. Tension headaches can also be prevented by maintaining an upright posture while sitting, as the use of the ergonomically shaped seat cushion ensures stress-free work. Thus, the need for painkillers, which are often taken especially for back, neck and tension headaches, can be considerably reduced, leading to an improvement in the overall state of health. Furthermore, the quality of the user’s sleep is improved, as after sitting for a long time, none of the usual pain in the area of the spine occurs anymore; thus, a relaxed, pain-free sleep is also possible and due to the good recovery still has a positive effect on the next day.

The orthopaedic seat cushion strengthens the abdominal and back muscles because both are needed when sitting in an upright position and are automatically strengthened relatively effortlessly when used regularly. This also prevents further postural damage caused by sitting in an awkward position for long periods of time. Once you have found a good sitting position with the cushion, which adapts to your own body shape due to the special inner material, the annoying and concentration-consuming search for a comfortable posture by constantly changing the position is no longer necessary. You can concentrate on your work in peace, without the distraction of aches and pains or the constant changing of your sitting position. In this way, you spend your working hours much more productively and may even save yourself further nerve-racking overtime, which you would also have to spend sitting.

The upright posture also provides optimal ventilation for the lungs because they have enough room to expand in the chest when you breathe in. As a result, the entire body is well supplied with oxygen, which also promotes mental performance and concentration, as well as freedom from pain.

Likewise, the density of the memory foam, which is adapted to the body weight, leads to relief of the leg veins, so that unpleasant cramps in the legs and poor circulation are prevented by the comfortable seat surface. However, as usual, the correct seat height must be observed so that both feet are on the floor with toes and heels. Another benefit of good posture while sitting is an improvement in digestion. Sitting with a hunched back for long periods of time – especially after a meal – can lead to heartburn and the digestive organs such as the stomach and intestines cannot work properly in a compressed state. If there is not enough time for a digestive walk during the lunch break, you can at least prevent the negative consequences of restricted peristalsis of the digestive organs by adopting an upright posture while sitting with the help of the seat cushion.

The Klaudena seat cushion is also very handy, easy to transport due to its low weight, and the air-permeable design ensures a pleasant cool feeling even when sitting for a long time. Furthermore, the cover is removable and can be washed. This is particularly practical if you use the seat cushion outside your own four walls: seats on buses, trains or planes are used by many people and rarely cleaned. If you want to travel in a particularly hygienic way, you can also use the Klaudena seat cushion in busy means of transport without worrying, as you always sit on your own clean seat. Afterwards, you simply remove the cover using the sewn-in zip and wash it.

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How is it constructed?

The inside of the Klaudena seat cushion consists of memory foam, which has been used successfully for years as a filling material for mattresses, as the lying comfort is found to be extremely good. This happens because the material is deformed by the body heat and the pressure of the body weight and thus optimally adapts to the specific body shape of the respective user. The memory foam used in the Klaudena seat cushion has been tested for years for its suitability as a sleeping surface.

The long period of use with an average lying time of seven to eight hours corresponds approximately to the length of a working day and is therefore really comparable. The problem of the material heating up too much, which is sometimes a problem with mattresses, was also taken into account and eliminated in the production of the Klaudena seat cushion – it is air-permeable so that the air can also circulate in the cushion material and you do not sweat as a result. The memory foam inside the pillow is also very light and therefore easy to transport, so it can also be used when travelling.

The material used for the cover has fine nubs on the underside and therefore guarantees the slip resistance of the cushion on pretty much any surface. The top side also does not slip when sitting, which is rarely the case, for example, with the smooth leather or imitation leather seats that are often used as materials for office chairs, where one finds little grip with smooth clothing materials. The Klaudena seat cushion is different: The non-slip cover stabilises and somewhat fixes the posture because the material does not slip and so you do not unintentionally change your sitting position.


Another advantage is that the cover can be removed and washed. For this purpose, it has a zip, which is extremely practical and contributes to the longevity of this quality product. On the one hand, the seat cushion remains hygienically clean and, on the other hand, does not have to be replaced immediately, which is of course much more environmentally friendly and extremely relevant in times of climate change and scarcity of resources.

Klaudena Review

Special features

One of the special features of the Klaudena seat cushion is certainly the thought-out design down to the last detail and the resulting comfort during use. Thanks to its light weight, you can take it with you everywhere – to the office, on the plane or in the car. In addition, the cover is removable and washable with the help of the zip. The first-class quality of the memory foam used guarantees comfortable sitting, as it adapts to the individual body shape. The air permeability of the material also ensures good cooling and prevents sweating, which otherwise often occurs with the various seating options or their upholstery due to the material.

Klaudena experience reports and user ratings in the forum, Trustpilot

For the Klaudena seat cushion, many consistently good reviews from verified users can be found online in the forum and on rating portals. They confirm the features and advantages of the product already mentioned by the manufacturer.

  • For example, user Julia F. particularly appreciates that she can make good use of the Klaudena seat cushion in her home office instead of having to buy an expensive ergonomic office chair for her home. In this way, she can prevent the back pain that she would otherwise experience right from the start.
  • Also, Lena P. and Manuela M. are enthusiastic users of the seat cushion in the office, so that even twelve-hour workdays are no longer a problem for them.
  • For Gabriele J., the seat cushion is a top ten online product and, according to her own statement, she is even planning to give away the Klaudena seat cushion to all family members as well as to her superior!
  • Heidemarie L., on the other hand, would like to have several covers to change, as she uses it regularly. Whether the manufacturer offers spare covers is unfortunately not noted on the company website, but a corresponding offer would certainly be of interest to other users.
  • Elfriede T. confirms the cool, air-permeable seat surface, even though she initially had doubts about this due to the memory foam inside the Klaudena seat cushion.
  • Wolfgang T. apparently travels a lot for work – he praises the benefits of the cushion for pain in his back and neck, from which he had already suffered for many years, and states that he now has to take significantly fewer breaks from driving. Furthermore, he credits the seat cushion for his restful sleep.
  • Ewin S. is also happy with his Klaudena seat cushion; he works far more productively with it because he can sit for long periods without pain.

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