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Prima Weight Loss Capsules UK

Millions of people in Europe suffer from obesity and wish to weigh less soon. But diets fail and exercise makes people even hungrier. In this case, uncomplicated help and quick success are promised by special dietary supplements that suppress the appetite and stimulate the metabolism. Prima capsules are one of these products, which we will now examine in more detail.

Prima Weight Loss Pills Review & Test

  • Possible effects
    • Reduces the feeling of hunger and reduces craving attacks
    • Burns fat in the body and thus lowers the body fat percentage
    • Improves mood
    • Provides more energy in the human body
    • Suitable for men and women
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  • Very good testimonials in the forum
  • Available without prescription
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Prima Pills Fake?

  • The original Prima weight loss tablets passed our fake check.
  • Prima capsules are not a fake.
  • A diet product with natural ingredients that can help you lose weight (ingredients tested in studies).


What exactly are Prima tablets and who are they suitable for?

Prima capsules are a weight loss aid. According to the manufacturer, the active formula of the capsules was designed with experts from science, medicine and nutrition.
Fortunately, the Prima team found an active ingredient combination of purely natural ingredients.

They are said to:

  • Significantly reduce appetite.
  • Stimulate the body’s own fat burning process.
  • Restrict calorie intake directly from the intestines.

This makes Prima capsules a product that is aimed at all people who

  • suffer from overweight
  • suffer from obesity
  • want to keep their weight under control.

Prima UK capsules review, experience and evaluation

The issue of obesity has become very important in our society. Due to our modern lifestyle habits, the number of people whose body weight has exceeded a healthy level is increasing. Almost every second or third citizen has to deal with being overweight.

But what is the reason for this? Experts suspect that, in addition to our modern eating habits, aspects such as stress, unnatural living conditions, hormonal changes and chronic lack of exercise are reasons for the problems with excess pounds.

Stress, unusual working hours, emotional strain and social anxiety can all contribute to hormonal and metabolic imbalances. Quite a few people today hardly take time to eat, or they eat because they feel empty and lonely inside.

A confused hormonal balance can throw the metabolism out of balance to such an extent that ravenous hunger and the constant feeling of never being full become part of everyday life.

If people then fast, go on hard diets or try hard to get rid of or control their weight, the stress of losing weight can add fuel to the fire.

Instead of success, frustration and the fight against one’s own body and its cravings set in.
Many advocates of weight loss supplements like Prima know that the body burns fat and lets go of weight best when it is completely relaxed and comfortable. If you take only one or two capsules a day in addition to your regular diet and thus balance your metabolism, you will neither feel stressed nor under pressure.

Losing weight happens quite incidentally and without the dreaded yo-yo effect.

The Prima Weight Loss pills experts emphasise that there is no need to follow an additional diet. A change in eating habits usually happens all by itself in the course of using the preparation.

Due to the changes in the metabolism, the desire for large amounts of carbohydrates and sugar will slowly disappear. Instead, the body may suddenly report a desire for greens and fresh produce.


The active principle is simple yet effective. The capsules contain two amino acids and a fruit concentrate.

The mixture is supposed to ensure that processes are set in motion again in a slackened metabolism that reduce blood sugar, balance blood fat and stimulate fat burning.

At Prima Weight Loss UK, it is assumed that most people who are overweight are simply lacking a few essential nutrients. Through years of overeating and malnutrition, the body has forgotten how to produce or properly use them. If they are supplied from outside, the metabolism practically wakes up again and goes back to its natural and effective state.

Gradually, the organism readjusts itself. An ideal is to be achieved in which:

  • The body automatically recognises healthy and beneficial food.
  • Digestion functions optimally again.
  • The blood sugar level and the blood fat values are at a healthy level.
  • Optimal performance and joie de vivre are experienced.

Ingredients – What is contained in Prima tablets?

The high-dose ingredients in Prima Weight Loss Capsules are of purely natural origin. Prima does not contain any chemicals or heavily modified substances.

The active ingredient principle is based on two amino acids:

  • L-arginine (100 mg)
  • L-carnitine (100 mg).

It also contains an Asian fruit:

  • Garcinia Cambogia extract (50 mg).

Other ingredients of this product are magnesium stearate, talcum and gelatine.

How does L-arginine help with weight loss?

L-arginine is a semi-essential amino acid that is involved in important building processes in the body.
In addition to building muscle tissue, L-arginine has been shown to increase the number of mitochondria in cells. Where there are many mitochondria, a lot of energy is also converted.

Practically, the body then uses more energy and thus also carbohydrates, the body has more power available and builds more healthy tissue.

For these reasons, L-arginine is very popular with athletes for performance enhancement and muscle building.

Normally, the body produces L-arginine itself. In special life situations, stress or even overweight, the body’s own supply may not be sufficient. If L-arginine is then supplied from outside, the organism can resume metabolic functions that had previously come to a standstill.

How does L-carnitine help with weight loss?

L-carnitine is also a semi-essential amino acid. Semi-essential means that the body does not need it for actual survival, or only needs it to a very limited extent. Nevertheless, we need L-arginine as well as L-carnitine to have beautiful and healthy bodies that feel good.

L-carnitine can normally be produced by the metabolism itself. People who eat meat consume the amino acid mainly through these dishes. Nevertheless, there can also be a deficiency here if the body is very out of balance or permanently under stress.

L-carnitine is mainly responsible for the transport of fats and other nutrients in the body. If carnitine is missing, the body cannot transport fats and other nutrients into the cells via the blood.

The benefits of Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss

This Asian fruit has long been used in traditional Indian medicine Ayurveda as a remedy for gastrointestinal problems and to generally promote vitality. Both the pulp and the peel contain a very rare type of citric acid.

Hydroxycitric acid was already researched in the 1960s. Scientists found out that it can balance important metabolic processes and curb the appetite. At the same time, hydroxycitric acid stimulates the formation of certain enzymes in the liver that are crucial for fat burning.

How are Prima capsules used?

Prima Weight Loss Pills (not fake) contain all three active ingredients in a very high concentration. It is therefore sufficient to take only one capsule per day.
Over the course of 24 hours, the body takes the active ingredients it needs and simply excretes the rest.

The best time to take the daily Prima capsule is 20 to 30 minutes before a main meal, preferably the meal with the highest calorie count.
The capsule is taken with a large amount of water. It is advisable to drink 500 ml to accompany the intake. This ensures optimal release of the capsule in the stomach and faster absorption of the active ingredients.

As many satisfied customer reviews show, the effects of Prima capsules are felt after just a few doses:

  • Appetite is reduced.
  • A pleasant feeling of satiety sets in.
  • Users feel more strength and joie de vivre.
  • the desire to go on increases.

In in-house studies with male and female test subjects, the manufacturer was able to determine that the greatest weight loss was recorded after a period of use of four to six weeks.

How long Prima has to be used to achieve the dream figure depends on the personal starting situation and the speed of the metabolism.
Most users buy between three and six packs until they have reached their goal. Satisfied customers often take Prima even beyond that to maintain the desired weight. In this case, taking one capsule every two to three days is sufficient.

Do Prima Weight Loss Pills have any side effects?

Prima capsules are not a medicine, but an over-the-counter food supplement. They contain purely natural and proven ingredients of tested quality.

The effectiveness of L-arginine and L-carnitine has been adequately researched. Both amino acids cannot be overdosed and show no side effects even when taken in larger quantities.

In the case of Garcinia Cambogia, liver irritation can occur in the event of an overdose, which is why users should definitely only take one Prima capsule daily. Attempting to increase success by increasing the amount taken would be more harmful than helpful. One capsule per day is quite sufficient to achieve desirable goals.

Hydroxycitric acid can also interact with medicines that interfere with the serotonin balance. These include, among others, medicines for depression.

People with a pre-existing condition or severe organic disorders must always coordinate diets and the intake of products like Prima with their doctor. The same applies when taking strong medicines of any kind.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not diet or take products like Prima. Women who have gained weight during pregnancy should wait until after the baby is weaned before trying to lose weight with weight loss products.

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Prima Capsules on Youtube and in the forum: There are many positive testimonials from influencers on YouTube.


Prima Capsules manufacturer – Click here to go directly to the manufacturer’s website. There you can buy the product at the best price.

Prima Weight loss tablets testimonials

What do former customers say about Prima Capsules?

Prima capsules have so far only been sold on the shop’s own portals. There, the product received an average of 4.6 out of 5 possible points.

Prima Weight Loss Tablets Reviews

Fortunately, customers confirm the full effectiveness of Prima Weight Loss tablets almost without exception. Users report great results without dieting or as an accompaniment to a light dietary change.

There are occasional deductions for the fact that Prima capsules cannot currently be purchased on account and for organisational hurdles such as delivery delays.

Conclusion: Prima capsules appear to be a truly effective and reputable product for uncomplicated weight loss.

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