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Everyone knows it: the world of food and drink holds numerous temptations in store, and almost always and everywhere. Be it in restaurants, snack bars or even in the supermarket around the corner. It is often difficult to resist delicious cakes, cookies and other sweets, sugary drinks or alcohol, and hearty meals.

If a lack of exercise is added to this, many people quickly struggle with their weight. Diets only help to a limited extent, because it is often the case that although the pounds fall during a diet, you quickly gain weight again when the diet is declared to be over. Further it is often in such a way that with the weight acceptance sometime conclusion is and simply not still more can be decreased, even if one is not content with the result actually yet. In order to meet these two problems specifically, therefore, preparations from the field of nutritional supplements, such as the new FIGUR capsules can be helpful.

FIGUR capsules Review – the facts

  • The possible effects of the pills
    • Reduce cravings and hunger pangs
    • Burn fat and thus lower the body fat percentage
    • Weight loss
    • Improvement of mood is possible
    • More energy is available in the human body
  • With seven effective ingredients
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Now for a short period with 46% discount
  • Available without prescription in the UK and Ireland
  • Very positive testimonials from users in the forum
  • Express shipping

FIGUR Capsules Rating

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FIGUR capsules for slimming – Review and customer experiences

FIGUR capsules primarily fight fat that has already accumulated in the body over a long period of time. By taking FIGUR capsules, pounds that are considered too much disappear. In addition, FIGUR capsules are not only suitable, for example, to support an ongoing diet, or to achieve a suitable beach figure in the short term for the summer months.

When taken over a longer period of time, FIGUR capsules also have a preventive effect. This means that FIGUR capsules can also be used to contain or even completely prevent the accumulation of new body fat, i.e. a future increase in weight. FIGUR capsules can therefore be taken by all people who would like to watch their figure – no matter whether the rapid weight loss is the current main goal, or the desire to stay slim in the long term is in the foreground.

In addition, FIGUR capsules are equally suitable for men and women of all ages, provided that the users are at least 18 years old. Whether the user of FIGUR weight loss capsules is athletic or rather inactive, follows a healthy or rather an unhealthy lifestyle, is also irrelevant. Pregnant women as well as persons who have to take medication permanently should, however, discuss the use of FIGUR tablets with their attending physician in advance.


FIGUR diet pills have been scientifically tested for their effectiveness. The product promises customers to be able to reduce the amount of their body fat without any further action. Diets and a balanced exercise or sports program can of course support and accelerate the positive effect of FIGUR slimming pills.

It is important for customers to know that successes do not have to show immediately after the first intake of FIGUR weight loss capsules. Rather, FIGUR capsules should be taken permanently, i.e. without interruption, over a period of at least eight to twelve weeks. Then they can develop their effect in the body of the user and lead to a clearly visible fat loss. FIGUR tablets have a particularly good visible effect on body fat that has accumulated in the abdominal region.

Those who take FIGUR weight loss capsules regularly will notice that over time there is less appetite. Thus, FIGUR capsules act, among other things, as an appetite suppressant. In addition, FIGUR capsules ensure that you feel satiated longer after a meal, so as a whole less food is absorbed. In addition, the intake of FIGUR capsules supports the fat metabolism, which is why fat already present in the body, but also newly absorbed fat, is burned faster.

Ingredients and composition

FIGUR capsules contain L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, Garcinia Cambogia HCA Extract, Cayenne Pepper, L-Proline, L-Theanine and L-Leucine. The following explanation of the effects of these ingredients makes it clear why they are included in FIGUR capsules.


L-Carnitine is a compound of amino acids that occurs naturally in the human body, where it is responsible for fat metabolism. L-carnitines behave similarly to vitamins and perform a transport function. In short, L-carnitines are responsible for transporting fatty acids, which are ingested with food, quickly through the body to their destination as part of the metabolism.

In this process, the fatty acids pushed by the L-carnitines are to be transported as quickly as possible from the bloodstream to the mitochondria. The mitochondria, in turn, have a combustion function. In order to gain energy, which the human body needs for its everyday life function, the mitochondria burn the energy contained in the fatty acids. If less fat is taken in through the diet than would be necessary for the body’s current energy needs, then the body burns proteins instead.


L-arginines also belong to the class of amino acids. They also participate in the metabolism of human cells and are especially important for building muscles. In addition, L-arginines also have a positive effect on the performance of the human body. An appropriate concentration of L-arginines can lead to faster muscle building in the body and faster training success.

Garcinia Cambogia HCA Extract

Garcinia Cambogia HCA Extract is a natural fruit acid that is also known as an appetite suppressant. For this reason, Garcinia Cambogia HCA Extract can be found in numerous products that address the issue of weight loss, such as FIGUR capsules.

Cayenne pepper

Most people probably know cayenne pepper from the kitchen, where it is used as a spice. Scientifically, cayenne pepper has a very positive effect on the metabolism, cayenne pepper can boost it and thus accelerate.

In addition, cayenne pepper also reduces the feeling of hunger and thus ensures that smaller portions are eaten. In addition, cayenne pepper has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps the body flush out toxins. The healthier and more toxin-free the digestive tract is, the more likely it is that weight can be kept down.


L-prolines support muscle development and are also important for a strong bone structure. Especially those who support their diet program with sports, or those who basically want to keep fit, healthy and slim through sports, need a sufficient amount of L-prolines in their body.


L-theanines belong to the amino acids that influence the human brain. They have a stress-inhibiting and calming effect, without causing unpleasant side effects such as drowsiness or sleepiness. L-Theanines also help against anxiety and hyperactivity, both of which can lead to insomnia.


L-Leucine easily increase muscle mass in the body, and meanwhile also ensure that more fat is broken down. Especially in older people L-Leucine can have a very positive effect, because in seniors the body’s own muscle mass is dwindling more and more.

A plus of L-Leucine can counteract this loss of muscle mass or at least slow it down. Also L-Leucine can be helpful to regulate the blood sugar level in the body.

Figur Weight Loss tablets studies and experiences

Clinical studies have been conducted regarding the intake and effect of FIGUR capsules. The overweight subjects were a cross-section of society: male and female, mixed in age, some active in sports, some inactive. The studies show that FIGUR weight loss capsules, when taken regularly, can help regulate body weight in the long term.

But also for a short-term success in terms of weight loss FIGUR capsules showed success in the studies. After eight weeks of taking FIGUR tablets, visible successes appear according to studies. The weight loss after taking the capsules for twelve weeks was 24 kilograms. Continuous decreasing can be made with the use of FIGUR capsules according to studies over a period of six months.

These results were compared with those of a placebo group. This comparison completes the picture of the studies. The placebo group also lost weight, but the fat loss is significantly higher when actually taking FIGUR capsules. In addition, the subjects who received FIGUR capsules lost weight faster.

Instruction leaflet: intake, application & dosage

FIGUR capsules should be taken daily over an extended period of time. The recommended dose is one capsule per day. This should be taken before the main meal of the day. This is the meal at which the largest amount of calories and fat is consumed. Ideally, it should be taken about 15 to 30 minutes before this meal. FIGUR capsules should always be swallowed whole.

After swallowing, two large glasses of water should be drunk. This corresponds to drinking at least half a liter. People who have a problem swallowing medicines in the form of capsules can open FIGUR capsules in the middle with their thumbnail and stir the contents of FIGUR capsules into a glass of water. This mixture should then be drunk in small sips.

Prices and price comparison

FIGUR capsules are offered in a pack size of 30 capsules per pack. So this is roughly equivalent to a month’s ration. A package is available for 49.95 euros. The more packs purchased together, the more the price of FIGUR capsules is reduced. Two packs ordered together cost 39.97 euros per pack, three are available for 36.65 euros per pack. A maximum of three packs of FIGUR capsules can be requested and delivered per order.

Reviews and testimonials from users (FIGUR pills Trustpilot)

Users who have already tried FIGUR capsules comment positively on the effectiveness of this product.

  • They report that weight loss is quickly noticeable, with some users after just a few days. That the appetite becomes less while taking FIGUR capsules users usually notice after two days.
  • They report that very quickly less was eaten. Users who have not changed their lifestyle apart from taking FIGUR capsules report that a continuous weight loss was nevertheless recorded, on average two kilograms per month.
  • People who have already tried other dietary supplements to reduce their weight state that, from their point of view, the effectiveness of FIGUR capsules was better than that of the weight loss products previously tried.

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