Romania ranks 18th in the EU Eco-Innovation Scoreboard, obtaining a score of 87. It is below the overall EU-28 average, but the country has advanced three positions since 2013, from the previous rank of 21st. The Eco-Innovation Scoreboard results for Romania show high use of material, water and energy resources, but low resource productivity. This is not yet the case, except for the field of energy. Here, improving energy efficiency is a policy priority, which has already been integrated by the Government in its action plans. 

The waste management sector and pollution continue to pose serious environmental threats. Romania still shows low investments in integrated waste management, and there are very low recycling rates across the board (i.e. in the municipal and industrial sectors). Over 95% of the waste in Romania is landfilled. Therefore, there are high opportunities for developing the circular economy in Romania. 

New initiatives, such as sustainable product design, the use of open data for environmental purposes and new IT solutions, have started to appear and consolidate. However not many companies take the next step to actually implement resource efficiency measures. The large share of private enterprises is still not sufficiently improving their environmental management practices and are mainly acting following legal environmental requirements.

There have been few direct support programmes to improve framework conditions dedicated to resource efficiency, circular economy or eco-innovation promotion. The Ministry of Environment has included the circular economy as a priority in its 2016-2017 action plan and is planning to launch a first pilot action to support “eco-entrepreneurship”. Another positive signal is the launch of the Inter-Ministerial Competitiveness Committee, which can monitor and assess the implementation of public investments in priority sectors for competitiveness and smart specialisation domains which include energy and environment and bio-economy . 

2015 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for Romania




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