Professional, scientific and technical activities

Article: Nanoscale iron technology for remediation of contaminated land

The nanoscale zero-valent iron, a nanoparticle developed by a...

Also labeled: Hungary

Article: Aircraft recycling

Mobile dismantling and material recovery of discarded aircrafts.

Also labeled: Germany

Article: Mapping of Wind Energy - Computer Modelling of Wind Potentials in Complex Terrains.

A partnership between EMD International, Vattenfall AB,...

Also labeled: Denmark

Article: Algae Biofuel and Algae By-Products

Energy is the cornerstone of any society, and over 25% of the energy fuels the transport sector. In view of this, Altern was...

Also labeled: Malta

Article: Underwater Noise Monitoring Device

As progress is made in researching and harnessing the untapped renewable energy available in the seas around Ireland the issue of environmental impact has become an increasing concern.  There is as of yet no data collection method or...

Also labeled: Ireland

Article: Martifer Solar

Martifer Solar focus on the production of PV panels, in its fully automated and robotised facility of 50...

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