Manufacture of Food Products

Article: Fuel from whisky residues

Tullibardine is to become the first whisky distillery in the world to...

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Article: Sustainable alternatives to the current range of packaging

The investigation and introduction of more sustainable alternatives to the...

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Article: Oliada

OLIADA produces olive oil following the requirements and specifications...

Article: Recirculation system for the production of blue-green algae

On 24 July 2012, the Varna company "ECO ALGAE "...

Article: Biomass Fermenter

The Netherlands has a significant sugar production, of which Suiker Unie is one of the largest industrial players. Suiker Unie is a part of Cosun, which is a cooperative of around 10,000 beet growers. In 2011 Suiker Unie installed two large biomass...

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Article: Installation of a vacuum filter for yeast settlement filtration

Lithuanian company producing wine used a vacuum filter in the yeast sedimentation process to save raw materials and to reduce waste generation.

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Article: Bottling of water

The DEVIN bottling company introduced an innovative technology which allows reducing the amount of discarded plastic in nature. This is achieved through  reducing...

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Article: Ecologic Olive Press

ELVA Olive Press is the

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