Article: Fullriggaren urban development project

Fullriggaren will be (one of) the largest urban energy...

Also labeled: Sweden

Article: Smart energy grid at the Hel Peninsula

Remote measurement system management and measurement data acquisition. Improvement of grid operational efficiency, grid management and its development. Activation of end users in energy efficiency initiatives.

Also labeled: Poland

Article: Innovative lightweight and energy efficient construction products and components made of recycled fly ashes for sustainable buildings

The Spanish construction company Acciona Infrastructuras S.A. is...

Article: Hemp based construction material of ArchEnerg Cluster

The initiative of ArchEnerg Cluster is developing a technology for...

Also labeled: Hungary

Article: Ecological prefab houses

Construction of new buildings and their interior design with...

Also labeled: Germany

Article: Green epoxy resin

Epichlorhydrine is a key raw material for the production of epoxide...

Also labeled: Czech Republic

Article: Weight and energy efficiency optimisation with flat glass systems

The glass tempering process of LISEC has received the Austrian Innovation...

Also labeled: Austria

Article: Grassblock

Attard Bros. have for long produced the...

Also labeled: Land, Malta

Article: Renovation of a multi-family housing building

A multi-family housing building was renovated by insulating its exterior walls and foundation, replacing windows and the roof, and modernizing the heating system (installing a gas boiler-house and solar collectors).

Also labeled: Lithuania

Article: Residence verdiana in Clusone, "the zero consumption bio-building”

The innovation is an apartment building with Zero Thermal Consumption, designed to achieve excellence in terms of energy efficiency, comfort, reduction of costs and emissions of carbon dioxide, as well as a mix of renewable energy plants.

Also labeled: Italy

Article: Slim slabs

The Cobiax Technologies GmbH of Darmstadt has developed components that make reinforced concrete slabs up to 35% lighter. The principle of the Cobiax flat slab is to leave out as much concrete as possible whilst maintaining the full flexural...

Article: "Green cement", a new type of hydraulic binder.

A new group of hydraulic binding agents, named Celitement, seems to be a promising improvement of the energy and environmental balances in the cement production. Celitement is based on hydraulically active calcium hydrosilicates, which needs less...

Also labeled: Germany

Article: Zero-energy house (Elumaja)

The concept of zero-energy house is based on the passive house standard and its objective is to create...

Also labeled: Estonia

Article: Recycling of Used Rockwool

Rock wool insulation material is currently not being recycled after end of use, but just deposited, although a great potential exists for recycling and reuse in new insulation products, and the waste volumes of used rock wool materials are...

Also labeled: Denmark

Article: Ceramic building waste recycling

The use of recycled ceramic material as new raw material for production is one of Wienerberger’s goals. The first applications...

Also labeled: Belgium

Article: TWEEWATERS – sustainable and smart city district

Tweewaters is a pilot project for CO₂ negative neighbourhoods in the city of Leuven in Belgium. The focus, however, is not on energy a...

Also labeled: Belgium

Article: Strawbale housing

Casa Calida is a Belgian organisation that promotes strawbale housing, one of the most sustainable housing types. Straw is a waste material from agriculture and it...

Also labeled: Belgium

Article: Brutopia: bottom up initiatives to build a sustainable neighbourhood

BRUTOPIA is a joint housing project in Brussels. It was started by an initiative of a group of people who desired to change their living style in a way that is both...

Also labeled: Belgium

Article: Eco Cement

Ecocem Ireland are producers of a low carbon cement alternative known as GGBS (Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag).  The Irish company which was first set up in 2001 with a business focus on mainland Europe opened its first Irish facility in...

Also labeled: Ireland

Article: ThermaBlock

The concept behind this novel block is to produce a structural element similar to...

Also labeled: Malta