MaterBi ® Biodgradeable plastic

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Italy-MaterBiThe company Novamont was founded in 1990. It appears that the biodegradable plastic Mater Bi ® was first used in 1992. Mater-Bi® is an innovative group of biopolymers that are derived both from natural renewable substances (vegetal starch) and from fossil materials.

Several types of MaterBi ® exist for different applications. The material is famous for being used in shoppers, packaging, disposable tableware, bags for collection of the "humid" fraction of household waste. It can be used in common processes for production of plastic products and the mechanical characteristics of chosen products have been reported to be comparable to fossil plastic materials.

  • Barriers are acceptance of alternative materials instead of consolidated materials in production (melting and extrusion) and in private use (e.g., shoppers, tableware).
  • Effective collection of organic matter from household waste and factual recycling vs. incineration of household waste
  • Drivers are effective waste recycling instead of energy recovery as per European legislation.
  • Savings on importation of fossil fuels.
  • Ban on production and commerce of plastic shoppers as of January 2011.

Sustainability effects:

The effects of using biodegradable plastic are:

  • reduction of fossil fuel consumption for production of fossil polymers and thus reduced carbon emissions for transportation, refining etc. of fossil materials.
  • use of local vegetal starch (corn, etc.) for production of bioplastic.
  • decrease in waste production, due to full biodegradability of the plastic.
  • easy collection of organic waste with bioplastic bags, no further need for separation of waste from bag

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