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windturbinesThe World’s most efficient wind tower is made by A.Silva Matos, a Portuguese company based in Aveiro. According to the company the secret of the efficiency of E82 turbine is to be a tower with less thickness and welds stroked after executed. Together these two factors give E82 the ability to produce from 2.4 to 2.6 MW, while a traditional tower reaches only 2 MW.

In the clean energies field, A. Silva Matos also has interests in small hydro, photovoltaic areas and biodiesel from microalgae. The company’s research team is working on the project for over a year and has already finished the laboratory phase. Industrial phase is now the next step.


Barriers are wind market is becoming an established market

Drivers are improvement in energy efficiency; Policies towards the adoption of renewable energy solutions particularly for wind sources which has become the most economically competitive renewable source.

Sustainability effects

The wind tower and its turbine produces 30% more energy than its competitors, hence increasing the efficiency of production of energy.

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