Municipality of Famalicão

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FamalicaoFamalicão municipality created a paper free system for the flow of bureaucratic information for each process handled by the municipality. According to the mayor, all emails, faxes or letters entering the municipality are digitised and sent to the subsequent services through digital channels. This measure implies the increase of speed and quality in resolving the procedures, and also allows tracking the status of the procedure. Ano - Sistemas de Informática e Serviços, Lda, created the system which cost about €250,000 to the municipality.


Barriers are lack of education of employees to deal with new technologies; Behavioural change due to a total shift in proceadures

Drivers are improvement in the quality of the service; Reduce time spent on bureaucratic proceadures

Sustainability effects

Though this is a recent procedure and there are no available results for this project it is expected to lead to a reduction in the consumption of resources, particularly paper as well as economic savings.

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