Acciona - Amareleja Photovoltaics Plant

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NewropMagPV solar plant at Amareleja (Moura) accounts for 45.8 MW. This facility is one of the biggest of its kind in the world and was developed, constructed-and is now operated by ACCIONA. It was connected to the grid in December 2008. The plant comprises 2,250 solar ACCIONA-technology trackers that produce clean electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of around 30,000 homes.

The used technology is Photovoltaic solar energy with azimuth monitoring, with an expected production of about 93GWh, occupying 250 hectares with 2520 solar trackers and 262,080 PV modules. This plant needed an investment of €261m.


Barriers are cost of technology in the market; Large infrastructure needing large investment

    Drivers are policies towards the adoption of renewable energy solutions

      Sustainability effects

      The facility has come as a major social and economic boost for the region, which is also home to a PV solar panel plant operated by specialist company Fluitecnik, and makes a contribution of 30% to compliance with the Portuguese Government's objectives in photovoltaic solar energy. Besides that, it avoided 89,383 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

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