'NAKU' is an example of product development in Lower Austria. NAKU is both the name of a young company and an acronym for the German word - organic plastics. 'NAKU' uses natural and renewable resources for materials and manufactures them into products which are very similar to conventional plastics. The products are made from Natural Polymers that are 100% recyclable and compostable.

Natural Polymers are used in a wide range of applications. Especially everyday products with short life spans are ideally suited. The use of natural plastics ranges from shopping bags, foils, cups, party tableware, disposable items, hygiene products, fruit, vegetable and bread packaging to self-dissolving suture.


Modern technology allows the production of Natural Polymers from locally grown plants, such as corn, potatoes or grain. The materials obtained this way are very similar to conventional plastics and can be processed with the same technologies and machines. Natural Polymers rot, when exposed to wind, weather and bacteria over a prolonged period of time (several weeks to months). Products made of Natural Polymers can be disposed through household waste after use or can be composted.

Sustainability effects

Based on a philosophy of natural and technical cycles, bioplastics can be returned to nature after being used. They are made from renewable resources, are fully biodegradable, and help to reduce CO2-emissions. They are durable and especially breathable, thus allowing food to stay fresh longer. The products were developed in the region, are manufactured locally and also try to keep the distribution channels as short as possible to improve the Life Cycle Analysis of the products. This supports the regional economy and offers an alternative source of income for farmers.

Further Information

picture source: NaKu e.U.®

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