LifeCycle Tower

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With the 'LifeCycle Tower' a timber building system for multi story buildings up to 20 stores is developed that, in addition to its individual design possibilities, can be constructed in a very short period of time. The planned pilot office building has the potential for an international beacon project for sustainable urban wood construction.

The building concept is designed to be realised as an energy generating building. Its innovative character lies in the collective development of the overall concept as, including all affected areas of research (architecture, static building services engineering and façade) as well as in the adoption of existing technologies.


Rhomberg Bau developed the “LiveCycle Tower”-system together with an interdisciplinary research team. The idea was generated in a project in the framework of the research programme “Factory of Tomorrow”.


Building multi-storey, CO2- neutral hybrid houses based on wood was motivated by the fact that the global construction industry still focuses on customary, conventionally produced prototypes with long construction periods and complex execution of construction work, thus accounting for 40% of today’s energy and resource consumption and produces 40% of the resulting waste and CO2 emissions. In times of climate change and rising resource scarcities and against the background that more than 50% of today’s world population are living in cities with more than one million inhabitants Rhomberg Bau is a forerunner in realising the need for new strategies in the construction sector.

Sustainability effects

This system guarantees a minimized resource and energy usage throughout its life cycle. It has an advantageous CO2 balance regarding the used materials as well as the operation. Economic effects are construction in less than half the time, reduction of life cycle costs, as well as multiple-shift usage of components and the possibility of a simple separation of the different building materials. The building combines a high level of security regarding costs and quality with a comfortable living environment and attractive urban design aspects with enhancing effects on the district.

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picture source: Rhomberg Bau GmbH®

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