Europe in transition

Annual_Report_2012_cover_smallThe 2012 annual report of the Eco-Innovation Observatory, ‘Europe in transition: Paving the way to a green economy through eco-innovation’, is now published and available for download. This third annual report of the EIO looks at how eco-innovation can lead to and create structural change. It argues that strategic partnerships between policy makers, businesses, citizens and researchers are key to developing, implementing and applying eco-innovation.

This report begins with a vision of a resource-efficient Europe, presents the current state of eco-innovation in the EU, and asks how eco-innovation efforts can be both increased and intensified to play a larger role in the transition to a green economy.

In particular, this report addresses the following questions:

-        What are the key barriers to structural change and how can system eco-innovation play a bigger role to overcome them?

-        What is the role of stakeholders in the transition, and how can they work together to get change moving in the right direction?

-        What are the key findings for policy makers?

 aDownloadDownload the Full Report Here

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