Qbiss Air

Trimo_SLOVENIA Qbiss Air is a thin, sustainable and efficient building envelope composed as a unique multi-chamber, gas-filled core integrated with exterior and interior skin, suitable for all building types, including high-rise buildings. It provides exceptional thermal and sound performance and is beneficial to the people, environment and business. Environmental performance is strongly derived from great recyclability, less use of resources and materials, energy savings and low CO2 emissions. Qbiss Air is up to three times thinner than a traditional (conventional) construction system and thereby increases the net usable space within a building for no increase in external volume.

Thin, sustainable and efficient Qbiss Air building envelope aims to be a breakthrough for the building sector, a solution that will allow buildings to be built in a more environmentally friendly, economical manner and benefits which will continue to be delivered through the entire life cycle of the building, through greater recyclability, less use of material resources and the lower energy cost it will consume and associated savings in CO2 emissions. Qbiss Air is a global innovation with unique, a high performance, multi chamber, gas filled insulating core, which not only provides the highest insulating efficiency but also enables a much thinner product. The basic element of Qbiss Air is unitized and consist of gas filled insulating core, integrated substructure, exterior and interior skin, made either of glass, high pressure laminate or reinforced gypsum plate, bringing warmth and comfort to the interior. Excellent sound insulation, proven thermal stability and fire resistance make Qbiss Air an advanced building envelope solution for comfortable environment.

Qbiss Air system is three times thinner than conventional building systems, bringing economic benefits relating to higher net usable internal building space. The Qbiss Air system enables fast and simple installation covering floor-to-floor distance, short construction time, and low-risk build for earlier commissioning and therefore faster return on investment. The lightness of the Qbiss Air curtain wall system is of great advantage when constructing high buildings. The Qbiss Air uniforms large glazed or other material selection surfaces without any interruptions of traditional frames or any other supporting or fitting system that are commonly used by other glazing systems or built-up constructions. Qbiss Air building envelope system is pioneering the way to a more sustainable future of construction across Europe and beyond.

Barriers and drivers

The EU and national policies along with market demands for new buildings and the renovation of old buildings have seen the emergence of a number of key points – buildings have to be more environmentally friendly, economic, comfortable and productive. The building envelope occupies a special position within the strategies of sustainable design and construction. The Qbiss Air system is a thin, complete wall solution that is three times thinner than conventional construction systems yet with exceptional technical performance, including thermal insulation value down to 0.27 W/m2K.

There are no major market barriers related to the roll-out of the innovative Qbiss Air system across Europe and beyond. The advanced Qbiss Air system was recognised as a revolutionary new building “concept” as a highly effective multi-chamber gas-filled system, highly recyclable (96 %), with low carbon dioxide footprint (from 39 to 70 kg /m2, based on LCA analysis) and requiring no aluminium frame. Obstacles that could arise relate primarily to the uniqueness of the Qbiss Air system and that it is new and different to what the different target groups (architects, investors, construction companies, etc.) are used to. Being “close” to the customer and providing all the support, including technical information, is the best way to achieve market breakthrough with the innovative Qbiss Air system.

Economic performance

Sustainable and efficient Qbiss Air system aims to be a breakthrough for the European and global building sector. Due to the development towards sustainable and environmentally friendly construction, this product represents one of the leading future products of the company in Slovenia and especially abroad.

Social performance

Qbiss Air is a product following the vision of Trimo – to be a socially responsible company. From the beginning, sustainable development has been central to Trimo’s operations and represents one of the foundations of Trimo’s organisational culture and mission. Trimo chooses preferentially for environmentally and people-friendly products, production programmes and technologies. The company is also actively spreading the culture of a responsible attitude towards climate change in Slovenia and Qbiss Air will therefore have an important impact on the way how the society perceives and advances towards sustainable and environmentally friendly construction.

Living comfort with high air quality, optimal natural light inside the Qbiss Air enveloped building will be a very good platform for working and living conditions as well as contributing to health.

Environmental impact

Sustainable and efficient Qbiss Air is a solution that will allow buildings to be built in a more environmentally friendly, economical manner. Benefits will be delivered through the entire life cycle of the building:

• 96 % recyclability the Qbiss Air system means less waste and therefore less landfill;

• with low embodied energy and low carbon dioxide emissions per unit it will contribute to lower global warming potential (GWP) and therefore climate change;

• high insulation level of the Qbiss Air system means less energy is needed for heating and climate regulation, which means lower use of resources and additionally less raw materials and water (no aluminium framing, concrete / cement). It will contribute to the lower consumption of raw materials by weight compared to other construction systems;

• with high insulation level of the Qbiss Air building envelope less heat is lost through the building envelope and lower energy bills will be strongly beneficial to the investors and occupants as well as for the natural energy resources (oil, gas) preservation.

Further information

Qbiss Air received the Golden Award for Best Innovation in 2011. Available at: http://www.trimo.eu/news/news-32/qbiss-air-received-the-golden-award-for-best-innovation-in-2011/

Qbiss Air brochure. Available at: http://www.trimo.si/media/qbiss-air-brochure-en_21332.pdf

Nomination for the WAN award - Product of the year. Available at: http://www.worldarchitecturenews.com/index.php?fuseaction=wanappln.projectview&upload_id=20127

Qbiss.Air webpage. Available at: http://www.qbiss.eu/thin-and-energy-efficient-building-envelope/

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