Sunny Charging

duurzame-economie208 In this Green Deal  (B-123) a pilot system is developed and tested for charging electric cars with solar energy at business parks in the Dutch city of Groningen. 

The availability of a robust charging infrastructure is  an important factor in the succesful introduction of electric transport. Setting up and exploting such an infrastructure is however at the moment not commercially viable. This Green deal is trying to develop a commercial business case for a charging infrastructure. The New Energy department of power company Essent, grid operator Enexis and local and regional authorities co-operate in realising a charging infrastructure with production of solar energy and coordinated charging of electric vehicles ituned to the electricity consumption at the business park.

Barriers and drivers

The main barrier is at this moment the cost for the charging infrastructure. Cost reduction and increasing value for customers, combined with technical and organisational innovtaion should make it viable to develop charging infrastructure.

Economic performance

Realising a commercially viable charging infrastructure

Social performance

A succesfull (semi-) public electric driving scheme may result in a relatively affordable car rental scheme (with small city cars) that yield greater mobility for those people with limited access to cars at the moment.

Environmental impact

Realising an essential factor in the successful introduction of electric driving.

Further Information

Green deal B-123,

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