vo4logo CD Power Saving and CD Power Solutions provides an end-to-end solution to reducing and ultimately eliminating all energy costs in most households. This is done by first reducing the wasted consumption and afterwards, by generating enough power to zero the entire utility bill.

To save energy, voltage optimisation is a new technique for homes, retail outlets, small businesses and other commercial entities. The technology reduces the supply voltage, minimises losses in equipment and does not require a change in lifestyle. It delivers energy reduction with minimum savings of 8%. In most cases voltage supplied to homes is higher than it needs to be, leading to losses in many electrical items. Given the right conditions, voltage optimisation can register as much as 25% savings.

Using micro inverters maximises financial return throughout the life of the system. This is achieved by key advantages such as optimal energy harvest, which maximises the power harvested from every solar module. Another advantage is enhanced monitoring at the individual module level, making it easy to identify the exact performance of each individual PV module. Moreover, improved lifetime and reliability eliminates the single most common cause of failure in solar PV systems – the string inverter. It is designed to last about 25 years, a lifetime equal to a typical solar module.To generate energy, CD Power Solutions have teamed up with quality suppliers from Germany and the UK to bring a unique solution by using micro inverters instead of normal string inverters.

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