MultitankMultitank is a plastic tank for packing, transporting and storing food products. It is designed to be the most economical way for storing, transporting and packing.

Multitank won the first price of the 2012 competition “Make Innovation Work” for Green Energy of the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (in collaboration with Cisco), the 2010 SIAL “The global Food Marketplace” award for eco friendly packaging and is pending approval from the European Patent Office (EPO).

Multitank has been designed especially for products like, olives, peppers, vine leaves, fruits in syrup, tomato paste, any kind of fruit puree etc. It can be also used for liquids like wine, vinegar, oil etc. Two tanks can be placed, one in the top of the other in dynamic ground like, truck, train or sea container, with a 100% watertight result. Three different lids and a high innovation closing system ensure 100% watertight. The big lid enforces 100% in the body of the tank and 22 special keys. A second round lid makes quality control and filling easy and fast. A third clever cap with a rubber membrane works like an air valve for venting the fermentation air. The bottom of Multitank has been designed like a 4 way entry half pallet (600 x 800). Moving is easy, using only mechanical equipment (forklifts, hand lifts etc.), also from women workers because the bottom is designed in standard half pallet dimensions.

Multitank is designed to be the most economical way for storing, transporting and packing. According to the developers, using Multitank can reduce dramatically logistic and freight costs. The conical shape of Multitank allows nesting when tanks are empty, saving up to 70% of storing space. Returning tanks to loading point is therefore cost efficient compared to plastic drums. When full it can be stacked maximum 3 tanks static and 2 dynamic ground.

Its innovative design and durability allow multiple re-use. It significantly reduces required storage space, oil consumption and environmental pollution especially considering that each year milions of plastic drums are produced and destroyed, having only been used once, before going for garbage.

Economic performance

Reduces logistic and freight costs

Environmental impact

Reduces required oil consumption and environmental pollution

Further information

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