Lighthouse Solar Systems: solar thermal collector

lighthouse_solar_systemThe purpose of this concentrated thermal solar collector is the collection of solar energy at high temperatures, with the same efficiency all year round, all day long, and with maximum efficiency, so it can be used locally to assist, house heating, hot water for hotel use, etc. The collection of solar energy at high temperatures is made through the condensing fresnel lens, which focuses the sun's energy on a receiver (through which passes the heating medium e.g. water) with a much smaller size of the collection "window" (size of the condensing lens).

The temperature collection of solar energy can be adjusted by the size ratio lens / receiver, the heating medium circulation etc., to suit the application to be used. For example, if used in aiding space heating, from 60 to 80 degrees Celsius or steam production over 150 degrees Celsius. Due to the small size of the receiver, the energy losses that may occur when the receiver is heated by the concentrated solar energy, and gained a great difference in temperature of the environment, is reduced to a minimum. Thus, the solar collector is the same efficient winter - summer. Also, due to the small size of the collector, it has a very small recovery heating time, so even when the sun is often intermittent (alternating sunshine - cloudy), energy is transferred to the heating medium. With automatic orientation toward the sun, the solar collector is able to collect, solar energy, from early in the morning until late in the afternoon, growing much the useful sun energy hours. Also, the collection of solar energy can help reduce the need for hot water storage. E.g. one hotel needs smaller storage tanks for hot water, with solar collectors of this type, than if he had another type of solar collectors, because during most of the hours of the hot water use (morning and afternoon), the collectors are simultaneously collecting solar energy.

Economic performance

The cost of construction and installation of such a solar system can be recouped in less than three years (e.g. hotel summer operation) and can operate for at least 10 years without loss of performance, and at least 10 years more but with performance drop.

Environmental impact

The main benefit is the reduction of fuel consumption up to 60%. So in an economically viable manner reduces the need of houses and businesses from burning fossil fuels for hot water, while simultaneously protect the environment. 

Further information

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