Hellas system with dual environmental benefit


Enterprise Europe Network - HellasFull-scale automated system for the destruction of air pollutants originating from wastewater treatment plants-industries with parallel energy saving Efficient methods against unpleasant odours caused by activities in waste-water treatment facilities, food production, slaughterhouses, thermoelectric plants, production of chemicals, fuel production and storage.

The “Ecological & Energy Engineering Pittas SRL” is a dynamic Greek company, situated in Patras and dealing with innovative engineering equipment, both design and production. The owner of the company, Mr. Nikos Pittas, holds 6 patents. One of these patents refers to a full-scale automated system for the destruction of air pollutants.

Some activities create an intolerable production of unpleasant odours. Such activities exist in waste-water treatment facilities, food production, slaughterhouses, thermoelectric plants, production of chemicals, fuel production and storage. The smell is more intensive when the weather is hot and humid. Residents or workers close to these facilities simply cannot tolerate living or working there. Also with the rapid expansion of cities, facilities emitting unpleasant odours are situated very close to rural areas or even inside. The nuisance caused by odours caused mainly by hydrogen sulfide emitted as a product of the biodegradation of sulphur components of the waste under conditions of anaerobic digestion. The procedure is performed by a special group of anaerobic bacteria, which reduces the sulphur compounds to hydrogen sulphide waste. Hydrogen sulphide gas is toxic, colourless, flammable and heavier than air. It has the smell of rotten eggs and a concentration of 2000 ppm (parts per million) causes instant death. Also, a lower concentration in osmaeria is ammonia (detection limit 0,0027 ppm) as a product of the digestion of nitrogen compounds as well as a much smaller concentration of other substances such as mercaptans, aromatic compounds, aldehydes, ketones, etc. The latter have come to be referred to as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). The formation of these odourous constituents is favoured by warm, low water flow in drains (especially at night), and by the long distances that the waste must travel before it reaches the biological treatment plant, as well as deposits of slimy matter in various items of equipment and tanks.

Fighting odour in wastewater facilities is achieved by collecting the gases emerging from the various parts of the installation and channeling them into a filtered section for deodorization. The current methods are not so simple, efficient, affordable, with easy maintenance and safe at the same time. The Greek company is introducing an innovative patented method which completely solves the problem, spending a fraction of the cost needed by competitive methods. The method used is based on thermal oxidation.

The Greek company has patented and applied this method in several cases. The efficiency of the method reaches 100%. The system is also performing energy recovery from this process. It does not need expensive and demanding (maintenance) filters and operating costs are 1 / 12 that of competitive systems. Finally the efficiency of the system does not depend of the content of H2S.

Economic performance

The system takes up no space, is smart and adapts to existing wastewater treatment facilities. It is automatic and does not require the presence of skilled personnel, which minimizes operational costs. The construction cost is proportional to the surface water and very economical compared to the problems solved. 

Environmental impact

The system is environmentally friendly and is compatible with EU directives 91/156/CEE and 94/62/CEE for waste gases. The system performs energy recovery and it requires very low installed power.

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