Remote Sensing Device (RSD) Technology for emissions control of vehicles in motion

spain_Technet_resizedThe Remote Sensing Device (RSD) is a unique system that enables to measure individually the emissions of vehicles in motion (i.e. car, bus, truck, ship and train). Based on this technology, it is possible to create an inventory of the emission level of fleets and implement specific measures to improve the environment.

Remote Sensing Devices (RSDs) are specially designed emissions analysers that are placed at fixed locations or in mobile units to measure specific vehicle emissions using low-intensity infrared and ultraviolet beams. RSDs collect emissions data as vehicles are driven in nomral everyday use without the need for a vehicle stop or even slow down. The data collected by the RSDs are used for a wide variety of high value applications focused on improving air quality and motor vehicle compliance. The recorded data generates an accurate snapshot of the traffic emission in a given timeline, allowing the creation of effcient mobility policies. The technology is suitable for public administrations and private fleets.

The RSD technology is able to measure remotely in intervals of half of a second data for individual vehicles, such as speed and acceleration, vehicle specific power (VSP), emissions (CO, CO2, NOx, HC and PM), and weather conditions (humidity, temperature, wind).

The RSD has been used in projects such as inventories of real emissions of vehicle fleets and identification of high emitters; dynamic payment schemes based on the level of the emissions of a vehicle (i.e. toll systems, public parkings); creation of consciousness for the reduction of emissions and gas consumption with drivers; measurement of traffic intensity and the resulting emissions in order to improve the traffic management and reduce traffic jams (i.e. variable speed limits depending on traffic intensity); and quality certification for vehicles with low emission levels linked to political incentive systems.  

The results of the system have been compared and verified with the results of other analytical measurement systems (i.e. PEMs, dynamometers). In addition, the system has received quality certificates from the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Since 2005, Technet has worked to develop a background and presence in the European emissions testing, air quality and traffic management markets and has developed the technical capabilities to sell and operate RSD programmes. The company has created emission inventories for administrations in Madrid, Valencia, Seville and Barcelona. During 2012, Technet started under the Bivento brand ( its European expansion with the objective of establishing remote sensing as reference technology throughout Europe in the area of control and management of emissions in order to contribute to impoved air quality and a more efficient fuel consumption. 


- Proven product, widely diffused in the market and with great opportunities of expansion in the European market.

Economic Performance

Implementing RSDs technologies is cheap (low budget) and efficient, and it has the potential to generate income (i.e. through taxes from high emitter vehicles). It also enables cost reductions by on-time repair of vehicles and improvement of fuel efficiency.

Social Performance

The reduction of emissions through car repair will positively impact citizens' health and the quality of life in cities.

Environmental Impact

The RSD is a very efficient and effective system to monitor and reduce traffic emissions. The technology detects polluters and inefficient vehicles and gives policy makers the data to take corrective actions and monitor air quality programme's impact. The technology is also able to identify the highest polluting vehicles for air quality purposes and help corporations reduce fuel consumption at the same time. Moreover, the system contributes to create environmental consciousness upon drivers (i.e. citizens contributing to cleaner cities). 

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