Eco-Innovations in the 'As Gandaras' Industrial Park

spain_AsGandaras_resizedThe 'As Gandaras' industrial park in the region of Galicia has been recognised as a successful example of industrial park implementing eco-innovation in the EU. The industrial park has been implementing a series of eco-innovation activities in collaboration with the Galician Federation of Business Parks (FEGAPE), the local Council of Porriño, and the Galician Autonomous Government (Xunta de Galicia). These include a Manual of Good Practices in Business Parks Management; rooftop solar energy in buildings in the Industrial Park; sustainable mobility plans in the industrial Park; a Blue Flag status for business parks; and recovering of the wetlands and the Louro river banks. 

The 'As Gandaras' industrial park in Galicia has started implementing the following eco-innovation initaitives:

- Manual of Good Practices in Business Parks Management. The objective is to collect the main action points in the design and management of business parks, their activities and how to grow rationally if necessary. The good practices can be classified into Service Infrastructures of the industrial park (i.e. telecommunications, location, transport infrastructures, and supplying); and Organisation and Management of the Business park (i.e. centralisation of common services, and preventive maintenance of the infrastructures).

- Rooftop Solar Energy in Buildings. The objective is to develop rooftop solar energy in the buildings of the industrial park, for a total useful area of 264,433 m2. With an output of 17.8 MW, the useful area would produce 32,191,478 KW annually. The initiative would result in the creation of a technological, innovative and valuable business both for the region and for the Community.

- Sustainable Mobility Plan. The objective is to reduce the number of workers commuting alone in their cars and to promote group transport. Most of the 7,500 employees of the industrial park live in the Metropolitan Area of Vigo, and 80% of them use their own car to reach the park. The proposed actions in the Mobility Plan include building a commuter rail between Vigo and Porriño, encourage the park's companies to run their own company bus, promote car-pooling and the use of electric cars, and build charging ponts for electric vehicles.

- Cleaning up of the industrial park. The objective is to connect the sewage network to the Louro River collector. The companies settled in the industrial park are connected to the public sewage system and do not need to manage their wastewater as this goes directly to a Wastewater Treatment Station (i.e. the Guillarei treatment plant).

- Blue Flag Status for Business Parks. The objective of the initaitive is to standardise the characteristics of the parks and to certify the good infrastructure conditions and the high quality of the Galician industrial parks. Twice a year, a committee of experts assesses fundamental aspects of the parks and depending on the score reached they are awarded (or not) the Blue Flag Status. There is not yet any Galician business park with the Blue Flag status. However, some of them -including the 'As Gandaras' park- have expressed their interest on having it.

- Recovering of the Wetlands in the 'As Gandaras de Budiño' and the Louro River Banks. The objective is to recover the values lost in these areas because of the construction of the industrial park and its intensive industrial activity. Works to be done in this resepct include cleaning up the area; improve the habitats; recover endangered species; and install decanters in the water inlets.


- Most of the eco-innovation initiatives are at early stage and need to be further diffused in the region and among the industrial players


- All the initiatives have the support of facilitators, such as the Galician Federation of Business Parks -FEGAPE. 

- In the case of the implementation of Rooftop solar energy in buildings, Spain is an attractive country to develop solar energy, as it is the first country in the EU in number of sunlight hours.

Social Performance

The implementation of Rooftop Solar Energy in Buildings, would generate 178 new qualified jobs during the development of solar panels; and 71 new jobs during the maintenance phase.

Further Information

Image taken from the following hyperlink:,lnp6I0NTU042l2Z6ln1ad1IZn4Z2qZpnO2Yuq2Z6gpJCGfXx4fWym162epYbg2c_JjKbNoKSn6A--


- Gómara Casasolas E. (2012), 'Polígono 'As Gándaras' (Spain) Workshop on Eco-Innovation Parks', Federación Gallega de Parques Empresariales (FEGAPE).

- Workshop on Eco-innovation Parks, 20th and 21st of September 2012, Berne, Switzerland:  


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