Prolen® Yarn

slovakia_prolen_resizedPolypropylene yarn Prolen® has the following properties: antibacterial, thermo-insulation, moisture transfer, annalergic, colour fastness, 100% recyclability. Prolen® is the lightest fibre ever created, its density is lower than water, it’s 50% lighter than cotton, clothes made of Prolen®are the lightest possible.

The polypropylene yarns Prolen® are dope-dyed textile yarns ranging from 50 to 300 dtex and technical yarns ranging from 400 to 1800 dtex. Prolen® attains a higher metric yield (by 23-52% higher when compared with other natural or synthetic fibres). Prolen® also brings you economic advantages in the form of saved energy, because during its processing you use lower temperatures (around 100°C) than with other types of yarn. When compared with products made of polyester you can save up to 30% of thermal energy. Due to the fact that Prolen® is dope-dyed you have no extra costs for dying. Products made of Prolen® require only little maintenance, they do not need ironing, so again you save energy. Thanks to the quickest wick effect, Prolen® yarn transfers moisture from the body surface to another absorbent layer where it gradually evaporates.

Economic Performance

Thanks to its excellent light stability and thermostability Prolen® yarn can be used under the most demanding conditions. Chemosvit Fibrochem’s experience using the yarn in the automotive industry for car upholstery is also quite significant.

Social Performance

Prolen® yarn has a vast range of applications for example in the automotive industry (upholstery for seats, interiors, dashboard, back plateau, carpets, protective upholstery, seat covers) as well as in the textile, health and food and furniture industries also.

Environmental Impact

Clothes made of Prolen® are "friends of the skin". Some synthetic yarns can cause irritations while Prolen®, which is chemically inert, can be worn even by the most sensitive people without any problem . It does not react to chemical agents produced by perspiration, which means that bacteria, that are the base of bad smells, cannot develop. Prolen® limits the multiplication of bacteria, moulds and micro-organisms. Prolen® does not cause allergies and it is particularly suitable for the health industry which demands high hygienic standards. Prolen® maintains a moderately negative charge which is beneficial for the human body. Prolen® doesn’t pollute the environment and is 100% recyclable. As Prolen® is dope-dyed there is no problem colours running.

Further Information

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