The year 2015 represents the start of a new cycle for the Portuguese economy, after an adjustment period that ran from 2011 to 2014, which required external assistance and a rigid financial policy. The economic deceleration of previous years is still felt in important sectors of the economy – construction and transport – and continues to influence the country’s performance in terms of resource efficiency and climate change. Still, there are some positive signs: improvements in foreign energy dependence and environmental certifications, for instance, as well as emerging eco-innovative sectors which came to fruition – in water efficiency and agriculture, for example. A combination of effects – e.g. a decrease in resource consumption and an improvement in “green” R&D spending, both public and private – has placed the country’s performance in the Eco-innovation Scoreboard slightly above EU average for the 2014-2015 period.

However, the results shown by EIO indicators do not translate into a solid policy framework for eco-innovation, and therefore there is still much to accomplish. Despite significant advances in resource efficiency policies – e.g. Green Growth Commitment, Green Fiscal Reform and PERSU 2020 – eco-innovation is still very much approached as a means to achieve improvements in environmental performance, and not as a means to achieve sustainable growth by all stakeholders in the economy.

Initiatives such as the Ecopol project, or the Ecoprodutin project were fundamental to kick start the necessary network and interaction among different stakeholders to identify the eco-innovation champions, initiatives, products and services, and to demonstrate the benefits for business and the society .

2015 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for Portugal





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portugal_Aquasafe_resizedAQUASAFE is a business intelligence platform supported by modelling tools and advanced data analysis systems. The platform is able to connect with real time data acquisition systems (scada), run models automatically, produce automatic reports, issue alerts according to pre-defined conditions and provide custom data analysis. As a result it is a powerful tool to improve and optimize the operation and management of different systems such as water and wastewater networks, ports operation, risk management, etc.

Currently, the availability of large quantities of data, acquired in real-time by telemetry systems, is quite common. In order to transform this data into useful information, it is necessary to manage it, organise it and report it. AQUASAFE platform integrates and processes data and model results for different types of problems: water losses and quality, energy, etc. For example, it is possible to establish integrated flow calculations or statistical pressure variation analysis over pre-established periods and to search, automatically and continuously, time discrepancies that may indicate anomalous situations like leaks or unplanned operations.

AQUASAFE platform aims to make the operations management more efficient, enhancing the use of real time information and its perfect integration with diagnosis and forecasting tools. With the concepts implemented in AQUASAFE platform the integration is done managing in a uniform way the measured data (sensors, remote sensing) and modeld data (eg, water supply, wastewater, receiving environment, meteorology, etc.) Data can be derived from classical sampling or be imported in real time, the models can be run in diagnostic mode to simulate scenarios or periodically in prediction mode. This methodology allows a real time management of the needed data to characterize the quantity and quality of water with a high temporal and spatial continuity.

 AQUASAFE functioning allows: Modeling results available in real time; Anticipate difficult situations through the creation of personalized alarms that combine information from several data sources (real or modeled);Perform automatic processes of personalized scenarios simulation to evaluate management options in real time; Detect the occurrence of ruptures or overflows in real time;  Generate automated reports of modeling results and/or measures based on predefined templates by the user. AQUASAFE allows, in addition, to offer tailored-made solutions being compatible (or easily adaptable) with the use of diferent models (networks of water supply and sanitation, run-off, weather, waves, etc.) and databases. Includes the possibility to customize intefaces according to different users profiles.

AQUASAFE also has a management module of monitoring campaings, including the information management in GIS environment, automatic production of reports and interface with ERSAR (the Portuguese regulatory agency for water and waste) database.

Aiming to include the assessmenenergetic efficiency of systems, an application was developed within

AQUASAFE tool, to optimise pumping cycles as a function of a detailed consumption pattern and pump functioning efficiency analysis, with the purpose of minimising energy consumption or costs.

AQUASAFE was originated in a project partially funded under the QREN (European Framework) program, and support of SIMTEJO, Águas do Oeste and Águas do Cávado and the collaboration of Bentley Systems.

Barriers and Drivers

The current environment involving innovation in Portugal, namely associated to an increased easiness to establish networking and sharing knowledge as well as a higher knowledge level of human resources achieved in the last decade in Portugal are identified as main positive issues for eco-innovation by the producer.

The main barriers are the difficulties faced by a small company to develop  commercial campaigns to atract new customers. Not only due to the competition with other major companies but mainly due to the difficulties in mobilizing finantial resources, a problem that is highly enhanced by the crisis affecting the country. On the other hand, though state incentives were identified by the company all the bureaucracy associated lead to an withdrawal of  the use of these instruments.

Economic Performance

Though a small company Hidromod already works in several foreign (and emergent) markets like Malaysia, Brasil, Colombia and Spain.

Social Performance

AQUASAFE platform may efectively contribute to improve safety and reduce health risks. E.g. in the case of drinking water, among other factors, the integrity of the distribution system is a necessary condition to guarantee the quality of the water. Aquasafe may contribute to detect malfunctions of the system preventing health problems and interruption of service, decreasing costs associated to the network. In the case of wastewater, a continuous forecast of the water quality in the receiving waters, helps guaranteing the maintenance of an alert service that may inform the users from the potential danger associated to bad water quality events due to wastewater discharges.

Environmental Impact

The management of information to detect water losses and overflows, as well as optimization of pumping may represent considerable water and energy savings in the network and a decrease of associated emissions.

Further Information


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Eco Innovation in Practice in Portugal

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