GO GREEN MAN (Recyclables collection from schools)

malta_GoGreen_resizedGreenMT's initiative encourages students to collect as much recyclable material as possible and deliver it to their school. The results have been very encouraging with the students collecting over 40,000 kilos cumulatively over seven weeks. This result is especially significant when compared to the very low volumes that were collected from the same schools prior to this initiative.

The campaign involved popular characters from "Deceduti" as well as popular singer Kristina Casolani. The pair, together with the GreenMT team have been touring schools and making lively presentations to the students encouraging them to go "Green". The Go Green Man initiative has been marketed through social media, namely through its Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/pages/GO-GREEN-MAN/360222514023573.

Environmental Impact

Raising awareness regarding recycling   

Further Information

Source: http://www.greenmt.org

Source picture: http://www.greenmt.org

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