Biogas control procedure

luxembourg_Biogas_resizedA team from the Environment and Agro-biotechnologies department (EVA) of the Centre Gabriel Lippman received the Green Innovation Award in the framework of the Luxembourg Green Business Awards 2012 for its project on biogas control. This project enables to optimise the production of biogas. Biogas is produced by the anaerobic digestion or fermentation of biodegradable materials. Biogas mainly encompasses methane and CO2.

The team developed and applied a patent on a biogas control procedure that allows defining an optimum supply for digesters so as to maximise methane production. To do so, a real time analysis of some volatile components contained in the biogas can be realised through a sensor based on differential mobility of ions. This process enables to maintain balance of bacteria needed for the biogas process and to obtain an optimum quality and quantity of biogas produced.

Barriers and Drivers

Dependency to fossil energy is not sustainable over the long term. This innovation could enable the country to rely on other sources of energy and improve its production so as to be a pioneer and leader in biogas production.

Economic Performance

As Luxembourg is positioned as the country with the most important density of biogas stations in Europe, this innovation could foster the country’s potential for biogas production and reduce its dependency to fossil energy.

Environmental Impact

Unlike fossil fuel combustion, biogas production from biomass is considered CO2 neutral and therefore does not emit additional greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.  The innovation developed at the CRP could enable to monitor and improve production of biogas so as to foster its development and use.

Further Information

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