Initiative "Report an environmental incident"

lithuania_incident_resizedThe initiative "Report an environmnetal incident" ("Pranesk apie skriaudziama gamta") launched by NGO Baltic Environmental Forum and HNIT-Baltic provides an opportunity for everyone to quickly and easily inform about observed environmental problems. Subjects for reporting are as follows:



pollution of rivers and lakes;

illegal discharges of wastewater to the environment;

pollution of forests;

waste incineration;

illegal felling of trees;

devastated nature - fauna and flora;


Information about observed environmental problems can be provided by entering link, marking the problem location in an interactive map, providing a short description of the problem and leaving contact details.

The information goes to the Baltic Environmental Forum which maintains environmental database. After examination of the information, an official letter is prepared and relevant authorities informed. Problems identified through the initiative "Report an environmental incident" are solved in close cooperation with regional environmental protection departments, agencies, municipalities, elderships of cities and regions.

The following information about identified environmental problems can be found in the interactive map: the location, authorities dealing with the problem, and response to the problem made.


- public involvement in the environmental problems identification and solution process

Economic Performance

Possibility to reduce administrative burden and expenditures related to solution of environmental problems

Social Performance

Public involvement in the environmental problems identification and solution process

Environmental Impact

Possibility to quickly identify environmental problems and reduce environmental impacts to the maximum extent

Further Information


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