1st Carbon Neutral extra virgin olive oils in the world

greece_Gaea_resizedGAEA produces Carbon Neutral olive oils.

Gaea introduced an initatiative to offset carbon neutrality in its industrial and agricultural processes. GAEA together with the Swiss organisation myclimate calculated the amount of carbon emissions produced per kg of olive oil and  compensated it by funding climate protection projects.  In cooperation with the Centre of Sustainable Excellence (CSE) and myclimate carbon emissions that are produced throughout the life-cycle of olive oil were calculated. This includes cultivations and transportation of olives, production and bottling of olive oil and final distribution to GAEA's retail network.

Environmental Impact

Emissions reduction

Further Information

Source: http://www.gaea.gr/en/awards-certifications-innovation/innovation/;


Source picture:http://www.gaea.gr/en/awards-certifications-innovation/innovation/

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