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germany_Ecological_resizedConstruction of new buildings and their interior design with renewable resources.

New construction, expansion or renovation of buildings can be carried out with renewable materials. Building with renewable resources is not only resource-efficient, but also needs less energy for the production and the subsequent management and maintenance. Simultaneously, ecological building materials contribute positively to the health of the residents.

Modern timber buildings are high-tech products that can be industrially prefabricated. In residential buildings as well as large timber-engineering constructions, building with wood and other renewable resources is a model of success. There are many architectural and design options for the implementation of environmentally and economically sustainable building concepts . A complete absence of a fossil heating and thus to additional greenhouse gases is now state of the art and can be implemented in any building project. Excellent thermal insulation up to the passive house standard is also possible with insulation materials made from renewable resources. Solar panels can also be used as a structural element in wooden facades and additional heat demand can be provided by pellet or local heating concepts based on biomass.

Wood panel design elements and a cradle-to-cradle certified insulation materials (Baufritz Biodämmung Hoiz) are used for the basis construction of the prefab houses. The complete life cycle of a building is considered for the design and architecture: from planning, design, through production and assembly, maintenance up to the recycling of building materials.

Barriers and Drivers

Currently, prefab ecological houses are comparably expensive. At the same time, renewable materials for the construction of houses suffer from limited acceptance in the market compared to concrete because of their image of being basically not suitable for the local climate and weather conditions.

In 2006, Bau-Fritz was honored within the Top 100 most innovative firms in Germany and has a leading position in the German house building industry. The company constantly invests in research and development in close cooperation with universities, research laboratories and federal ministries.

Economic Performance

Ecological construction is expected to be increasingly profitable in the coming years.

Social Performance

Bau-Fritz is a family run company, headed in its fourth generation by Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, who was awarded as Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 and has introduced a new generation of architecturally modern and individually designed ecological and healthy homes; 240 employees; currently the only EMAS III certified of the construction industry in Germany.

Environmental Impact

Bau-Fritz has received a number of awards in the field of environment. (

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