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france_Murdeau_resizedMURDEAU® is an innovative system for aboveground and modular storage of rainwater, with a capacity of 1600 liters. Jointly designed by Circéo Partners and LGCIE at the INSA Lyon within the team “Soil-Structure-Materials-Integrity-Sustainability" (SMS ID), this product created through an R&D project illustrates the cooperation between academia and industry.

It is a modular system for reuse of rain water. It is mainly used for watering green areas or greenhouses, washing vehicles, road maintenance, fire reserve, public health nutrition, etc.. Composed of three tanks on a collector forming a column of polyethylene. There is a direct connection to the outlet of the filter. There is also a drain valve on the bottom part (collector) and a combination of three levels in height and width as well as communication between modules to balance the load. MURDEAU® has to be placed against a wall and either indoors or outdoors.

MURDEAU® functions can be combined with VEGETEAU ® elements so as to build a tailored green wall, irrigated thanks to rain water, on its own water reserve.

Barriers and Drivers

Eco-construction is an increased concern nowadays, with the development of repositories or norms to regulate construction so as to ensure preservation of energy resources, combating climate change, waste and pollution reduction, increased indoor air quality, maintains high comfort level or increased environmental and sanitary quality of construction products .

Recuperation of rainwater is an important stake as well. As the need for water is essentially covered by numerous waterways and groundwater table, rainwater is rather seen as a constraint to manage. However, the management and treatment of rainwater can be difficult and costly.

Economic Performance

As the reuse of rain water is a constraint and is costly, this system enables cost savings as well as sound management of waster water.

Environmental Impact

MURDEAU® aims at ensuring resource recovery of wastewater as well as enabling the greening of urban areas, thermal insulation, sound insulation and anti-pollution. Finally, it is a water regulator.

Further Information

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