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finland_Greenriders_resizedGreenRiders is an online and mobile solution that facilitates car-sharing with vechicals ranging from  private cars to taxis to rental car rides. It is an open innovation that can be seen as a complimentary addition to the public transportation system.

GreenRiders  is an mobile and online solution that facilitates access to sustainable transportation by offering a  service to share and swap transportation. The idea is to encourage consumers to share rides, which then leads to reduced CO2 emissions and deceases the amount of traffic on the roads. The solution can be seen as an addition to the public transportation system, whilst there are several car sharing applications on the market, GreenRiders goes ever further and allows users to share transportation including personal car journeys, car rental or even taxi journeys.

The solution was first started in the  Finnish municipality of Uusikaupunki. In theory, GreenRiders could be adopted globally with minimal effort,  where ever there are any type of vehicles in use.

Barriers and Drivers

Barriers: Discoverability and technological requirements, for example users without a smart phone may hinder the introduction and implementation of the application.

Drivers: Due to its adaptability the solution is easily available, where people use smart phones and/ or internet. In addition, the increasing trend of collaborative consumption and the cost-effectiveness of the application may attract consumers.

Economic Performance

It is cost-effective as it saves money when consumers share the cost of the journey. In addition, GreenRiders has the potential to reduce the need to construct more carparks.

Social Performance

Deepens community connections by sharing transportations and journeys.

Environmental Impact

Since GreenRiders promotes collaborative consumption where people can share, swap or rent products as opposed to owning them., it reduces emission and traffic and can this way contributes to reducing other 'side-effects' of heavy traffic such as noise pollution. It reduces the need for carparks, and also enables users to measure their own CO2 footprint. It has the potential to be used by companies or organisations to monitor and evaluate their own CO2 footprint,  in accordace with GRI standards.

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