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finland_Edel_resizedEDEL City is a design shop that sells only ethically and ecologically produced luxury items. In other words, the so caled high-design eco-luxury items sold by Edel city are produced locally as well as made out of recycled and/or organic raw materials. 

EDEL City is a retail shop that sells eco-luxury items, meaning that their products are designed and produced by using recyclable (and often recycled)  raw materials. The company also aims to keep the production, from pre-production of the materials to the end product, close to the shop. In addition, besides material use and life-cycle approach in production, all of their premises use clean energy. Edel City is the first Finnish company on the luxury items market that has a clear eco-innovative approach.

Barriers and Drivers

Barriers: High prices and a potentially small market.

Drivers: High-quality luxury products that are environmentally-friendly and acknowledge sustainability in terms of product's life-cycle are a rarity.  

Economic Performance

The products have a very high price to quality ratio.

Social Performance

As the production is kept close to the sales area, and since the products are hand-made, it is easy to oversee and guarantee the quality and environmental perfomance. From consumer's point of view this enables greater transparency and easier access to the origins of the products in terms of environmental impact.

Environmental Impact

The production methods, (recyclable and recycled materials, use of clean energy, locality) reduce material and energy consumption and thus also reduce the ecological footprint of the company.

Further Information

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