Pactronic® – Hybrid drive for Cranes and Construction Industry

Austria_Liebherr_resizedThe new Pactronic® – hybrid drive system developed  by Liebherr Werk Nenzing GmbH won the Clean Technology Austria State Prize 2012 for the category Energy and Efficiency.

It is the first crane drive system that makes the reduction of energy consumption and also of CO2 emissions possible.

Liebherr Werk Nenzing GmbH offers the industry’s first hydraulic hybrid drive for mobile harbour cranes. The new Pactronic® – hybrid drive system addresses two critical issues: increasing handling performance and reducing fuel consumption.
The Liebherr Pactronic® is a revolutionary new hydraulic hybrid drive system and based on an additional energy storage device (accumulator). It is charged by recuperation of reverse power and by the surplus power of the prime mover. The energy, which is stored in the compressed gas, can be released upon demand and provides additional power for the drive system.
 The global trade requires optimised logistic and processes for the handling of cargoes. The performance of a crane in loading/unloading is a crucial factor for the total cost of ownership, in addition expensive time for ship laycan in sea ports is one more reason for increasing performance of cargo handling.
The primary focus of Pactronic® is increasing turnover performance. In addition fuel consumption is significantly reduced. In line with the fuel consumption, CO2 emissions are also decreased. Thus the crane’s efficiency reaches new levels.

Barriers and Drivers
Reducing energy consumption, reducing emissions, being competitive, fulfilment of environmental standards are some of the driving forces of this innovation initiative.

Economic Performance
Lower operating costs over the entire life cycle of the equipment.

Social Performance
Job creation through high performance
Increasing of Know How

Environmental Impact
Reduction in energy consumption
CO2 savings

Further Information
Staatpreis 2012 Austria (

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