Grid Measurement and Protection-Modul GMP 232

Austria_Bachman_resizedGrid Measurement and Protection-Modul GMP 232 was nominated for the VERENA award (Verbund Enovation Award) im 2012 for the best eco-innovation initiative. The regulation tasks of descentralized renewable energy power generation has became very important for ensuring their safe operation. The Protection Modul GMP 232 carries out this function offering a high performance.

The new Grid Measurement and Protection Module GMP232 from Bachmann electronic integrates protection and monitoring functions into the “conventional” control tasks of decentralized electricity generation plants.
Availability of electricity from renewable energies is not as predictable as such of major plants. The new “Grid Measurement and Protection Module” GMP232 collects and analyzes parameters of decentralized renewable energy plants in order to control them and to ensure their stable operation according to the grid.
The GMP232 is integrated into the Bachmann SolutionCenter  and offers a wide variety of functions. The plant parameters can be changed and improved easily. Fault events are logged with an exact time code and the system makes possible to perform an data analysis in order to assess the causes of this faults.

Barriers and Drivers
One important driver of this innovation initiative is offering technological support for decentralized renewable energy plants (e.g. solar), in order to create more reliability for these plants.  Also being a good and competitive business partner for the renevable energy sector represent an important impuls force for this product. 

Economic Performance
Cost saving through prevention and fault prediction of electric network stability by renewable energy plants.

Social Performance
Securing jobs through know how implementation and operation of a new process.

Environmental Impact
Support of renewable energy grids
Renewable energy

Further Information

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