Sweden ranks fifth in the EU Eco-Innovation Scoreboard 2015. Sweden does not manage to translate its high eco-innovation output into higher resource efficiency and socioeconomic outcomes.

Eco-innovation is a key component in Sweden’s national environmental policy strategy and is part of the long-term national objective for green structural change. Sweden continues to expand its economy without compromising on environmental issues and has managed to minimise and often eradicate any negative impact of industrial and socioeconomic growth. An ambitious and long-term generational goal is the basis for the strategy, and although most of the 16 environmental objectives set will not be met by 2020 the development is seen to be heading in a good direction. Emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) have been declining in Sweden for many years due to higher use of green technologies. The strong push towards the development and implementation of green technologies enabled Sweden to become the first country in Europe to meet the renewable energy targets set by the European Union for 2020, eight years ahead of schedule.

Sweden has promoted and implemented policies that have encouraged research and development (R&D) in water purification, sanitation, sewage and wastewater treatment, waste management and waste-to-energy, production of biofuels, as well as renewable fuels for the transport sector and renewable energy from wind, biomass and solar power. New growth areas are clean industrial production to protect and preserve the environment, and eradicate the waste of vital material and human resources .

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Eco Innovation in Practice in Sweden

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