Spain is ranked number 9 in the EU Eco-innovation Scoreboard 2015. As it was the case in all previous editions of the Scoreboard, the country has above-average overall performance, with score of 106.

Eco-innovation inputs remains the component in which Spain performs the worst, illustrating Spain’s relatively low level of R&D intensity. The country’s strongest performance remains in eco-innovation activities. It stands slightly above EU average when it comes to eco-innovation outputs, but outperforms with regards to resource efficiency outcomes and socio-economic outcomes.

The recession has put significant pressure on labour markets and businesses. While the economy seems to stand back on its feet, uncertainty remains dominant in a context a political instability.

Public policy support for eco-innovation is a mix of first and second-generation policies and measures addressing technologies and resources for pollution control and energy efficiency. Eco-innovation is generally embedded in national and regional policies targeting resource efficiency, environmental innovations, clean technologies and sustainable development. The National Plan for Waste Management 2016 – 2022 sets up a new framework for the transition towards a more circular economy in Spain.

The most important eco-innovation areas and trends include waste management, eco-design, green engineering, energy efficiency, sustainable construction, urban greening systems, urban water systems and water efficiency. The most important eco-innovation drivers of the country are the pressure from existing European and national legislations, the existence of a complete set of strategies, policies and programmes designed at counteracting the environmental impact of the economy, and the importance given to the green economy, green jobs and the transformation of the economic model to a resource efficient and more environmentally friendly one. The lack of public and private funds to support eco-innovations and the loss of qualified human capital due to emigration are the main eco-innovation barriers .

2015 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for Spain




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Eco Innovation in Practice in Spain

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