Slovenia faces numerous opportunities and challenges in the transition towards a circular economy and in eco-innovation development. On one hand, it is the third most forested country in Europe, abundant with natural capital, and endowed with a high level of biodiversity and rich natural habitats. On the other hand, economic and systemic challenges still remain and do not facilitate and encourage the transition towards a circular economy.

The Slovenian Government supports the concept of circular economy, but the gap between declaratory support and real measures for the transition towards a circular economy remains. The main drivers currently represent private sector, non-governmental organisations and local communities that promote a more sustainable lifestyle and develop eco-innovative and circular economy products and solutions, most often solely with their own financial resources and/or EU funds.

In the EU Eco-Innovation Scoreboard 2015, Slovenia ranked 16th. Nevertheless, Slovenia has improved its composite index score and reached 96% of the EU average respectively. In particular, Slovenia has improved in indicators on employment and turnover in eco-industries, but this must be balanced with the fact that in 2015 the country saw no green early-stage investments.

The government has announced circular economy and green development as Slovenia’s strategic objectives and it has taken the first steps in creating the needed political framework. The leading areas for circular and eco-innovative development remain climate and automotive technologies, efficient electric equipment and mobility, eco-houses and energy efficiency in buildings, and sustainable construction .

2015 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for Slovenia




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