Slovakia is on the 23rd place among the 28 EU Member States in the 2015 Eco-Innovation Scoreboard . Although the situation has improved since 2013, the research and innovation policy framework remains fragmented and the private sector has low levels of innovation activity. The main source of innovation funding is the public sector, in particular EU funds.

The key strategy document that outlines the areas and measures to be adopted to support research and innovation in Slovakia is the Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialisation of the Slovak Republic (RIS3 SK), adopted in November 2013.

Further improvements are needed with respect to intra-governmental cooperation between the ministries in charge of innovation, environment and energy matters, as cooperation and communication between these bodies is very irregular and dispersed. Cooperation between academia and the private sector also needs some support, as these usually function independently from each other.

It is expected that the circular economy and eco-innovation in Slovakia will progress, at least from the policy perspective, as it has been listed as one of the priorities. Policy makers are focussed on trying to decrease the energy intensity of the Slovakian economy (as it is double the EU average) as well as improving waste management and decreasing the high landfill rate

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Eco Innovation in Practice in Slovakia

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