The Netherlands is a relatively small and densely populated country with modern and competitive economy largely based on service sector. The high population density and the significant economic activities have created large environmental pressure in the country. The quality of the environment, however, has improved over last two decades: air emissions control, connection rate to waste water treatment and municipal waste management are in the forefront in the EU.

In the 2015 Eco-Innovation Scoreboard ranking, the Netherlands is on 14th place. Traditionally, the Netherlands scores very well (ranking third) on resource efficiency outcomes, because of its very high material and water productivity. Furthermore, the scores of eco-innovation outputs and socioeconomic outcomes are above EU average. Eco-innovation inputs and activities are fairly low across the board, with very low green early-stage investments. Compared to earlier years the eco-innovation inputs have dropped, but on all other criteria the scores have remained the same or increased. One particularly positive result is the further recovery in the score on eco-innovation activities.

The main trends of recent years in the broader field of eco-innovation in the Netherlands have continued. An important progress was made in CO2 emission reduction, with the Energy Agreement, an agreement to make a serious effort in reduction of Dutch CO2 emissions by 20% compared to a business-as-usual growth scenario for energy use in 2020 – but more serious efforts are needed to meet longer-term goals. Netherlands is already the country in Europe with the lowest percentage of untreated waste and now has the ambition to attain a more circular economy, with a large policy programme, significant attention for the concept and various start-up companies trying to realise the concept in practice. The country is also mainstreaming green thinking in the financial sector.

2015 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for The Netherlands


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Eco Innovation in Practice in Netherlands

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