In 2015, eco-innovation and the circular economy are firmly on the agenda in Luxembourg and on the rise compared to previous years. The country is ranked third in the Eco-Innovation Scoreboard (Eco-IS), and continues its significant progress in this domain.

This positive progression was initiated under the leadership of the Luxembourg Green Party, which has been part of the country’s government since December 2013, and that of the Luxembourg Eco-Innovation Cluster. The latter works closely with the government on promoting the circular economy, a focus that has been reinforced since the election of its current president a few years ago.

The most relevant eco-innovation trend over the past few years has been the focus of the government on the circular economy model as a way of diversifying the economic activities of the country and promoting competitiveness. This view was further reinforced with the publication in 2014 of a study by the Ministry of Economy assessing the benefits to be expected from a transition towards a more circular economy. In addition, in 2015, an inter-ministerial committee was created under the leadership of the State Secretary to bring together public actors and to increase crossover and consensus about the circular economy.

Other leading eco-innovation areas include the rational use of natural resources, material science, sustainable mobility, sustainable cities and corporate and social responsibility. The main eco-innovation drivers of the country include strong political support and commitment towards eco-innovation and sustainable development, and the recognised need to diversify the economy for economic growth and productivity.

In addition to the Eco-Innovation Cluster mentioned above, other key supported areas include mobility, sustainable cities and smart technologies.  

2015 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for Luxembourg


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