Lithuania continues to be ranked as a modest eco-innovation performer, with the overall 2015 Eco-Innovation Scoreboard score of 72.9, in 22nd place out of the EU-28. The performance of Lithuania in every component is below the EU average, especially in eco-innovation inputs and outputs.

Lithuania’s leading eco-innovation areas are assessment and management of contaminants in soil, cleaner production, resource and energy efficiency, promotion of renewable energy, water protection and research and development (R&D) in the biotechnologies sector. In 2015, waste management was identified as the most noticeable focus of eco-innovation, owing to an increase in the number of financial instruments and new policy initiatives.

The key barriers are still a lack of common understanding of the eco-innovation definition and an even greater lack of understanding of circular economy. Cooperation between business and academia has improved due to the introduction of integrated science, studies and business centres (valleys). The main drivers are favourable financial support, especially from EU structural funds, a positive relationship in the form of collaborative grants for eco-innovation with Norway, and sufficient and well-qualified human resources and infrastructure, which remains a stable part of the Eco-IS rating.

The subject of eco-innovation has entered Lithuanian policies under the Lithuanian Innovation Development Programme for 2014-2020 and the Smart Specialisation Strategy. These documents support solutions which seek to promote innovation, increase the use of renewable resources, control pollution, regulate waste management and address other economic and environmental issues, especially in the construction, solar energy, waste management and green transport sectors .

2015 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for Lithuania




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Eco Innovation in Practice in Lithuania

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Complex technology for cleaning soil polluted by oil products

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Manufacture of solar cells

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Laser application in control of environmental pollution

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Straw panels

Straw panels

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Solar cell processing…

Solar cell processing technologies, solar cells

A few stages of the standard solar cell technology were substituted with cheaper and more cost-effective ones, less materials can be used. Read more

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Lithuanian company producing wine used a vacuum filter in the yeast sedimentation process to save raw materials and to reduce waste generation. Read more

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A multi-family housing building was renovated by insulating its exterior walls and foundation, replacing windows and the roof, and modernizing the heating system (installing a... Read more

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Starch flocculant

A new preparation method of starch flocculant formulations for the compaction and dewatering of municipal sewage sludge was prepared for patent application. Read more

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System for collecting…

The main idea of the eco-innovation is to utilize energy collected from the environment without a need to use any other energy sources. This alternative... Read more

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