Ireland’s eco-innovation performance continued to improve in 2014-2015, reaching a score of 134 relative to an EU-average index of 100. Ireland now ranks third in the EU on the Eco-Innovation Scoreboard, a considerable improvement compared to 2013. Ireland performs particularly well with respect to the value of green early-stage investments in eco-industries and the number of firms implementing innovations to improve material and energy efficiency.

Key factors driving the transition to a circular economy and the development of eco-innovation include Ireland’s natural capital (especially the abundance of renewable energy resources), a strong R&D base, the capacity to attract high levels of foreign direct investment, and a favourable policy environment. 

Important policy developments since 2013 include the adoption of a resource efficiency strategy and a growing emphasis on innovation in the field of renewable energy, through initiatives such as the Energy Policy White Paper (‘Ireland’s Transition to a Low Carbon Energy Future’), the Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan, and the Action Plan for Jobs 2015 which sets the goal of establishing Ireland as ‘Europe’s Energy Innovation Hub’ by 2020. A new strategy on R&D, science and technology – ‘Innovation 2020’, adopted in December 2015 – sets the scene for further progress in eco-innovation in the coming years .·


2015 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for Ireland




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Eco Innovation in Practice in Ireland

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