Despite significant improvement, Cyprus continues to perform poorly in eco-innovation. The country scored only 60 from 44 in the 2013 assessment (EU average = 100). This places the country just third from the bottom in the EU28 ranking of eco-innovative countries. Cyprus is heavily behind the EU28 average in eco-innovation inputs and activities and socio-economic outputs. It performs close to the EU28 average in resource efficiency outcomes and above the EU28 average in Eco-innovation outputs.

Eco-innovation in Cyprus is predominantly produced by individual actors – research institutes or enterprises. As such there are no distinct and mature eco-innovation sectors. Given the country’s rich natural capital, new developments in renewable energies could also promote eco-innovation activities. Eco-innovation in the field of energy is also driven by efforts to increase energy efficiency. The agricultural and food industries are also contributing to eco-innovative solutions. Cyprus also benefits from its significant natural capital in renewable energies – solar, wind. Additionally, a number of EC funded research and innovation projects in the field of eco-innovation are currently under implementation.

However, the present economic climate is inimical to investing in eco-innovation. The financial situation is expected to improve after the exit of the country from the austerity plan, in March 2016 .

2015 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for Cyprus




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Eco Innovation in Practice in Cyprus

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