Eco-innovation has been on the rise in a last decade, which is demonstrated by the growing number of practical examples from business, research and governmental initiatives.

With a total score of 97 in the overall Eco-Innovation Scoreboard 2015, Belgium ranked 15th on the list of EU countries, just behind the Netherlands and below the EU average. The country performed particularly well for the eco-innovation activities indicator, driven by a growing number of firms that have implemented innovation activities to reduce energy input per unit output and for firms’ eco-innovation activities indicators. Belgium also shows strong performance regarding eco-innovation outputs with a broad eco-innovation related media coverage, positioning the country third in the EU for that particular sub-indicator. However, the number of eco-innovation related patents in Belgium is below EU average, which contrasts with the high performance achieved in total R&D personnel and researchers.

The circular economy has gained increased policy attention across Belgium, with several regional and federal policies pledging to move towards a circular economy model: the Federal Government worked on a circular economy roadmap and the Brussels Capital Region has just issued a circular economy regional plan, while Flanders and Wallonia have integrated the concept into broader overarching strategies.

2015 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for Belgium

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Eco Innovation in Practice in Belgium

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