Hazardous waste management technology - MTT method (Microwave Thermal Treatment).

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ATON-HT Joint Stock Company has been operating at the market since August 2005. The company operates in the area of innovative technologies of hazardous waste management and recovery of valuable materials.

The mission of ATON-HT S.A. is supply of technologically advanced equipment and complex solutions within the area of hazardous waste management. Developed and implemented technologies rely on an in-house MTT method (Microwave Thermal Treatment), which the Company owns and which was reserved in the country and abroad. On the basis of the MTT technology, a research installation was constructed for conduct of research on management of asbestos. The proposed solution allows for construction of reactors where it is possible to utilize a wide range of hazardous waste in very high temperatures; operation of these devices does not pose a threat to the natural environment and, which is equally important, the cost of operation is smaller than the cost of operation of well-known devices and installations. The Company's objective is to develop such technology that would enable not only utilization of hazardous waste, but also recovery of valuable materials. Efficiency of MTT within the scope of asbestos utilization was evaluated by an independent centre holding relevant certificates (reference centre) within the scope of identification and determination of asbestos types. Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine, Department of Environmental Health Hazards ascertained that in the asbestine tile sample provided for examination, containing chrysotile asbestos (approx. 15%) and amosite from the amphibole group (approx. 3%), after utilization by the MTT method, no presence of any type of asbestos was discovered.
The microwave method has a significant chance for filling in the existing technological gap. An important advantage of the microwave method is the possibility of utilizing asbestos waste polluted with toxic substances (used transformer oils containing PCB, paint, varnish, certain sealing substances, etc.) whose storage is forbidden.

Barriers and Drivers
There is a financial barrier for using this method. The basic driving forces are legal regulations.

Economic Performance
Cost of utilizing hazardous waste is lower than in methods applied so far.

Social Performance
Decrease of health threat related to potential impact of hazardous waste.  

Environmental Impact
Liquidation of hazardous waste, energy saving, reduction in GHG emission, etc.

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