Support for environmentally-friendly energy sector development with the use of Smart Grids infrastructure.

Exchange of information and data by various entities for the purpose of education, promotion of innovative research and good economic practice takes place thanks to Internet technology via a broad cooperation platform. Practical objectives for Association Klaster 3 x 20 include scientific and research activities in natural and technical sciences, such as study work and technical analyses. Educational objectives consist in teaching of students, lifelong learning of adults and other forms of teaching, not classified elsewhere. Furthermore, there are specific activities within the scope of environmental protection and increase in energy efficiency.

The Internet site of Klaster 3 x 20 supports activities of innovative companies (start-ups) as well as activities of other entities implementing innovative projects in the area of alternative energy solutions, providing assistance in obtaining national and EU funds. The Association pursues this objective mainly by initiating activities in the area of innovative technologies and good recognition of market trends in alternative energy solutions. 
The cluster comprises of:
- innovative companies (small and medium-size);
- universities;
- municipalities (taking into account their obligation to prepare assumptions to plans of supply with electric energy, heat and gas fuels and their responsibility for crisis management);
- agricultural municipalities (developing energy agriculture);
- suppliers of energy and environmental technologies;
- suppliers of equipment for innovative dispersed energy generation, renewable and gas generation.
The operation of the Association takes place via exchange of information in various manners, including:
•    support for education in schools, in particular in rural municipalities, with mass and general character as well as elitist education on a higher level related to application of innovative technologies, encompassing students of technical universities;
•    innovation in research is implemented mainly by presentation of research on the Internet site of the Association and critical discussion with participation of experts from the university and scientific and research environment. The Association attaches special importance to activities for the sake of new consolidation of scientific and research competencies, indispensable for development of alternative energy solutions;
•    promotion of good economic practice is implemented mainly via presentation at the Internet site of the Association of examples of activities and solutions regarding sustainable development in: municipalities (rural and urban ), industrial plants (in enterprises), producers of investment goods and equipment for the needs of alternative energy solutions and in the entire segment of economic entities (auditors, designers, contractors, investors) working for the benefit of the energy sector.  

Barriers and Drivers
The basic problem is lack of experience of potential cluster participants in communication with the use of modern Internet technology and quite weak technical transfer infrastructure of data and information. On the other hand, for young people such an innovative solution constitutes encouragement to active inclusion and participation in the functioning of this platform. There is a clear increase in the level of communication with the use of information or educational platforms.

Economic Performance
Facilitation of cooperation with other enterprises and business-environment institutions, as well as access to knowledge, know-how and innovation, efficient communication resulting from involvement in joint activities of Klaster allows for obtaining information about market and technological trends, which makes strategic planning easier. All of this can be translated directly to economic benefits in individual enterprises.

Social Performance
Thanks to strengthening of the position of companies, the level of employment will grow and supply of innovative knowledge will contribute to increase in employee qualifications.

Environmental Impact
Directly, there will be no significant environmental benefits; however, indirectly, Klaster will contribute to improvement of energy efficiency, development of renewable energy sources or improvement of resource productivity, as well as reduction in emission of pollution and improvement of environmental quality. 

Further Information

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