Eco supermarket in Conselice (RA)

In September, Coop Adriatica have opened in Conselice (RA) a supermarket designed with the latest environmental technologies, which mitigate the energy consumption and pollutant emissions, minimize the environmental impact and improve both the welfare for customers and employees.

Supermarket with about 600 square meters of sales area, located in an area where
warehouses and abandoned buildings with asbestos in roofing and underground were demolished and remediated. The eco-store supermarket is a prototype of cutting-edge, for the quantity and quality of solutions, in relation to its entire life cycle, starting from the choice of building materials. In fact, the structure was conceived as a holistic system, in which individual solutions are organically integrated with each other, thus resulting in a "virtuous" balance.

Barriers and Drivers

Expected barriers are principally related to expected higher construction costs for eco-innovative supermarkets and potentially limited awareness of the consumer/end-user of the advantages of similar supermarket strategies and promoted products.

Drivers are reduced costs for operation of supermarkets, considering potentially increasing  costs for energy (e.g., building, transportation), water consumption, waste disposal, stronger fidelisation of clients, development of localised value chain (local products).

Economic Performance

No data available, but expected savings of energy (40%) and water as well as energy production with photovoltaic roofing are displayed on a panel.

Social Performance

The peculiarities of the store were presented to key stakeholders at the design stage. The activities of stakeholder engagement was conducted in a structured manner with the support of the consulting firm 'Indica', specialised on environmental topics, in order to capture inputs  on the construction of the and to reach a shared understanding of sustainability. Members, consumers and citizens of Conselice, and the employees of the new store were involved; Also the institutions (the Mayor of Conselice, the chairman and the deputy in charge of the Province of Ravenna, the Regional Minister for Productive Activities), the University (faculty of Sociology of consumption, the teachers and students of Environmental Sciences); environmental groups (Legambiente Emilia-Romagna), the utility company Hera. This approach has provided several suggestions, especially regarding the daily management of the store, the enjoyment by citizens and the relationship with the local community. So, as asked by stakeholders, choices were made with regard to communication, products, disposal of packaging materials, sustainable mobility and the availability of a public (drinking) water outside the store.

Environmental Impact

- Minor use of conventional energy
- Reduced consumption of green land
- Reduced generation of waste water
- Reduced generation of waste
- Use of renewable energy
- Minor use of raw materials
- Use of local resources
- Better use of existing infrastructures
- Minor transportation

The outcomes of this prototype will be monitored for one year in order to develop specifications for new developments and constructions.

Further Information

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