Italy is the fourth largest economy in Europe. The country’s GDP is made up by the sectors agriculture (1.8%), industry  (25%), and services – trade, finance, transportation, tourism (73.1%).

In eco-innovation scoreboard index Italy presents quite a strong performance with respect to the other European countries, and it is the 9th ranked country in EU28. In particular, Italy excels with respect to the European average under the dimensions “Eco- innovation activities”, “Eco-innovation outputs”, “Resource efficiency outcomes” and “Socio- Economic outcomes”. However, the dimension “Eco-Innovation inputs” it is 25% lower than the EU average

Italy’s eco-innovation and circular economy development are characterised by the increase in recycling activities (e.g. in textile, mineral oil, packaging, construction waste, etc), strong R&D performance in water pollution abatement, waste management, and renewable energy areas, as well as by the initiatives in industrial symbiosis.

The still-low private and public R&D expenditures can be explained by the Italian industrial structure, which is mainly composed of small-medium enterprises (SMEs) and family businesses, which have only limited access to credit and often are not of a large enough scale to undertake R&D projects. Nevertheless, the country shows great potential for specialising in renewable energy technologies, which have been well supported by policies and regulations .

2015 Eco-innovation Scoreboard ranking and eco-innovation index composites for Italy




Residence verdiana in Clusone, "the zero consumption bio-building”

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The innovation is an apartment building with Zero Thermal Consumption, designed to achieve excellence in terms of energy efficiency, comfort, reduction of costs and emissions of carbon dioxide, as well as a mix of renewable energy plants.

Inside: the use of natural materials (wood and plant-based masonry paint); air exchange with mechanical ventilation and heat recovery; large windows. Outside:
blinds, large balconies, and vegetation in green areas, provide shade with hot weather and better living experience.
Thin-film modules and technology-cell tandem "micromorph" produced by HelioSphera Peak Power: 10.0 kWp, annual power coverage: 10.0 kW / year, Effective surface: 72square meters. The modules are attached to the roof to the east and west with double frame Alubel used to ensure continuous supply in the event of failure of a single module.
Certifications obtained: on the specific project in Clusone no environmental certifications were obtained at present, however Filca applies its internal protocol validated by a Technical and Scientific Committee and by a Technical Inspection Company. Since 2011 Filca Italy is a member of GBC, participates in standards committees and, in 2012, will activate the first two LEED certifications on two construction projects in Lombardy.
Monitoring systems: Internal temperature control system with programmable thermostats in each room. Electrical Switchboard display detects the instantaneous electric power consumption. At the end of the work a campaign will be started to monitor heat consumption as other currently ongoing projects.

Barriers and Drivers
A driver is the anticipates of requirements set by European Directive 2010/31 for 2020. The project is only part of a company that has implemented since 2004 a building program called "Biocasa Filca", developed later in the marks "Biocasapiù Filca" (Class A) and "Biocasa A + Filca Consumption Zero" (class A +) which, in addition to reducing energy consumption, provide psychological well-being inside and use of materials with low environmental impact as well as a label of "Certified and insured Quality".

Economic Performance
An energy class A, BIOCASApiù building with 90 square meters has an annual cost for heating between 300 and 350 euros, compared to 1500/1800 euros average cost for current housing policy energy standards.

Social Performance
In the model of social responsibility Filca cooperative efforts are important to improve the quality of life in the territories in which it operates, in accordance with safety and the environment. The Corporate Citizenship requires not only the responsible management of the business, but also relationships with the community. A comprehensive approach defined in the context of economic compatibility, allows programs to support social development in the framework of strategies and corporate mission. To this purpose Filca produces publications, with its own Research Centre, for public administrators and operators in the construction industry. The intense research and innovation hub for business activities, creating value for stakeholders and the community as a whole. The presentation of the Sustainability Report is an opportunity for a strong involvement of a broad range of stakeholders. The website  is itself an effective tool for communication of business and interactive dialogue with the community. Adherence to the Kyoto Club and Special Olympics Italy and active participation in their programs document the company's commitment to promoting Corporate Social Resposibility.

Environmental Impact
- Consumption of less conventional energy
- Decrease in pollutant discharges
- Reduction of waste products
- Use of renewable energy
- Lower consumption of raw materials
- Reduction of transportation

Further Information (Video re Filca and LEED certification)

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